Why I Chose to Teach at Codeup

Hi, my name is Douglas Hirsh, and I’m a Web Development Instructor at Codeup Dallas! I’m passionate about technology, software, human behavior, and teaching. As we prepare to launch our first cohort in Dallas, I want to share why I decided to teach at Codeup.


Quick about me: I’m a self-taught developer! I have enjoyed an 18 year career in tech, during which I’ve worked at companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 50 and made my way up through the ranks to Senior Developer. I’ve also worked as an instructor at another coding bootcamp and a CTO of a local startup. 


How did I hear about Codeup? I saw them post on Slack! I was excited about the idea of returning to teaching, and reached out. We began talking, and I spent over a dozen hours getting to know their team, from management to instruction. During our conversations, I made up my mind: I wanted to work for Codeup. Here’s why!


#1: Codeup has a well-thought-out and high-quality curriculum. Not only that, but it teaches programming fundamentals. Some bootcamps teach programs that cover a dozen different technologies: React, Angular, Node, Ruby, Rails, Mongo DB, MySQL, Python, etc. As a developer, I can tell you: that’s crazy. Instead of a list of keywords, I discovered Codeup teaches a narrow scope of technologies with a focus on teaching students how to learn software development, giving them the power to go learn whatever technologies they want.


#2: Codeup promises, and follows through, to refund 100% of a student’s tuition if they don’t find a job after graduation. A lot of places say, ‘Hey come on over, we’ll help!’ I knew Codeup was for real and not just a money grab when they told me: “if a student does everything they’re supposed to and doesn’t find a job, that’s on us, not them.”


#3: Codeup has an impressive network of employer partners. They place graduates at companies like USAA, Accenture, Oracle, SWBC, and other large companies with a reputation. Having worked at a bootcamp, I know exactly how hard it is to get a company like USAA to consider bootcamp grads. That upped their cred in my book WAY high.


#4: Codeup accepts the GI Bill. In my eyes, the government legitimized them with their stamp of approval.


Lastly, and most importantly, Codeup helped me realize my passion for helping bring other people into this amazing field. I’m so excited that I get to teach at Codeup, and help so many find a career they love. If you want to learn to code or start a new career, reach out to us – we’d love for you to decide to learn at Codeup.

Codeup Dallas Now Taking Applications

Dallas skyline

It’s official! Codeup has been approved by the Texas Workforce Commission to open in Dallas! We are super excited to share this news with you as this will be our second location from our current home in San Antonio.

With this great news, we also what to let you know our applications are open! At our Dallas location, we will be offering our Full Stack Web Development program come 2020. 

After five years exclusively focused on San Antonio, we chose to expand because the bootcamp model has grown. We’ve watched our competitors expand nationally, open dozens of campuses, buy and sell to and from each other, launch coworking spaces, and more. Meanwhile, we believe the outcomes of our graduates far outweigh the number of campuses we have. 

Why are we offering a Full Stack Web Development program? Codeup wants to serve the tech gap currently existing in Dallas and launch a proper campus for our future students. Outcomes have always been our biggest motivator and we want to make sure we continue with that in mind. Codeup’s conversations with employer partners in the area have helped us understand what offerings best suit the tech job market in the area.

Learn more about our Full Stack Web Development curriculum and how to apply for a 2020 class!

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Codeup Set to Open Coding School in Dallas

Codeup coding school

Codeup, a homegrown career school for aspiring software developers, is expanding to Dallas.

The Houston Street immersive coding school for adults is taking its web development program to the Big D with plans to open a downtown Dallas campus in early 2020, CEO Jason Straughan told the Rivard Report Friday.

The company announced in a blog post its intentions to launch in Dallas to serve a growing need for tech workers in the Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area. Pending approval from the Texas Workforce Commission, which regulates career schools and colleges in the state, Codeup is set to open in Dallas with an initial cohort of 24 students studying full stack web development, which includes programming the design and behavior of a website as well as the underlying data and backbone of a website.


Codeup to open Dallas campus in 2020

Codeup flag

Codeup is heading to Dallas.

The San Antonio-based company, which offers 20-week coding and software engineering boot camps, is opening a campus in Dallas sometime next year to meet the state’s growing demand for high-tech workers, Codeup announced in a blog post Friday.

Dallas was chosen for Codeup’s second campus because the company said it’s placed program graduates in jobs with employers there, including USAA and Cognizant Technology Solutions, for average salaries of over $86,000.


Local coding school expanding to Dallas

Jason Straughan

Codeup LLC, a San Antonio-based school for software coders and data scientists, is expanding to Dallas, the company confirmed Friday morning on its website.

It has secured a spot in downtown Dallas and is awaiting final state approval for a program launch in early 2020.

The company said that after five years of exclusively being in San Antonio, it has refined its curriculum, built its team, expanded its partnership network and has a 97% graduate placement rate over the last 18 months.