Announcing our Candidacy for Accreditation!

Candidate for Accreditation

Did you know that even though we’re an independent school, we have multiple regulating bodies that verify our processes and results? For starters, we’re licensed and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission. We’re also approved by the SAA Texas Veterans Commission to accept VA Benefits, and audited by the Council for Integrity in Results Reporting. This already gives us a premier status and a trusted brand name. But there’s one missing piece that would take us to the next level: an accrediting body. Now, we’re well on our way there! We are proud to announce that, effective May 2021, Codeup is a Candidate for Accreditation by The Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools (MSA-CSS), which is located at 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (Phone: 267-284-5000).

What does this mean?

Accrediting bodies provide guidance and best practices for institutions like Codeup, and verify the quality of our education. The MSA-CSS in particular is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. Getting accredited by them would allow us to establish eligibility to participate in federal Title IV student loan programs for adult students. This could be huge for our applicants, as it would significantly expand access to financial aid and allow even more people to change their lives by launching a tech career at Codeup. We would also be the first and only career accelerator with MSA-CSS accreditation in Texas. One article even states that coding bootcamps, in general, are not accredited.

When will this happen?

Currently, we are a candidate for accreditation, and not yet accredited. (Establishing candidacy is in itself a big feat, and a little bird told us our application was in the top 1% over at least the last 15 years!) Now that we’re candidates, we are actively working with the MSA-CSS to meet or exceed the requirements for accreditation. This process usually takes 18-24 months. Once approved, it would be an additional 12-18 months for Title IV acceptance, which is what would enable students to receive federal loans.

As the Premier Career Accelerator in Texas, we are thrilled about this news. Adding this layer of compliance and quality assurance will significantly improve the quality of education we provide and the way that we provide it. It will help us abide by our core values of Delivering Excellence, Acting with Integrity, Cultivating Inclusive Growth, and Being Helpful. It will help us live out our mission of empowering life change on a bigger and better scale, so that we can continue to be the #1 option for Texans looking to launch a career in tech!

Not familiar with Codeup? Get to know our core values, mission, and all about us.
Curious about our verified results? Check out our CIRR and TWC outcome reports.

Codeup Takes Over More of the Historic Vogue Building

Codeup Takes Over More of the Historic Vogue Building

Codeup is moving into another floor of our Historic Vogue building in Downtown San Antonio! We’ve gone from a humble beginning in the middle of a coworking space called Geekdom, to now having three floors of our own in our favorite downtown building.

Why San Antonio?

Codeup has a campus in Dallas, classrooms in the Rackspace Castle in San Antonio, and offices in Houston and Austin. But Downtown San Antonio is where we were born and raised, and where we’ve planted our flag for our headquarters. While other Texas cities are becoming known for tech, San Antonio never has been. This is the city where we can make the biggest impact on the local tech scene. We’re supplying companies with the in-demand tech talent that has been missing locally while changing lives by launching San Antonians into these tech careers. 

Why the Vogue Building?

The SA Tech District is growing downtown and the historic Vogue building is in the heart of it all! We’ve been part of that action for 7 years and in the Vogue Building for 6 of them. Changing careers is a lot of work, both on our staff and students. We want to have fun while doing it! We need an upbeat atmosphere where we can stay plugged into San Antonio and engaged in the tech scene. Steps away from the Majestic Theater, the Riverwalk, and our old home at Geekdom, our students and staff have a location to be excited about.

Why the Expansion?

During the pandemic, our staff doubled in size and we’ve outgrown our two floors. As we invite our staff back to working in-office, they need to be able to fit. By expanding into the second floor, our staff will have breathing room and ample space for social distancing. Our classrooms will stay on the 6th floor, where students get the best views of downtown.

If you want to get plugged into the San Antonio tech scene, you’ve got options with Codeup! Launch a career in tech as a web developer, data scientist, system administrator, or cyber cloud specialist. Work in the office with us by joining our staff. Or, hire our grads. Hope to see you at the Vogue someday!

Inclusion at Codeup During Pride Month (and Always)

Codeup Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! Pride Month is a dedicated time to celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community. At Codeup, one of our core values is Cultivating Inclusive Growth, something that takes on many shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. From representation in tech to empowering and supporting all, let’s reflect on how we live out this core value for our LGBTQIA+ community, not just during Pride Month, but always.

Cultivating Inclusive Growth

We’re firm believers that the people making tech should look like the people using it, which is everyone. We’re proud to offer Pride Scholarships year round, which aim to increase, support, and promote representation of the LGBTQIA+ community in tech. However, representation is only one part of cultivating inclusive growth. We want to help create a thriving tech community where everyone feels represented, but also safe and empowered.

In a 2019 survey conducted by Blind, 83% of LGBQ technologists and 78% of trans or gender non-conforming technologists reported that they felt safe in the workplace. In 2020, those numbers dropped to 76% and 64%, respectively. Why the drop? Maybe recent pushes for representation in tech weren’t followed up with efforts to truly cultivate inclusivity and growth.

Codeup Initiatives

To cultivate inclusive growth, we don’t stop at representation. We also empower and support our community so that no one feels unsafe. Our internal DEI Taskforce empowers our staff with resources and conversations that aim to create a diverse culture of support, safety, and inclusivity for each other and our students. Equipped with this knowledge, our staff can cultivate inclusive growth from the first time they interact with an applicant all the way until they get placed into a new job. They may have even felt empowered just by seeing our students and staff sporting their Pride t-shirts around town. You can get yours on our merch store! The proceeds support our Pride Scholarship.

Not only do we want the people making tech to look like the people using it, we also want them to feel safe and empowered to do so. If you’re looking for a career in tech, let us empower you every step of the way! First, apply now. Then, apply for our Pride Scholarship.

Meet the new Codeup COO, Stephen Noteboom!

Codeup COO, Stephen Noteboom

A big welcome to Stephen Noteboom, who will be joining Codeup as the Chief Operating Officer to run our business. Founded in 2013, Codeup is a career accelerator where students transform into Full Stack Web Developers and Data Scientists over 6 months. With its recent acquisition of Rackspace Cloud Academy, Codeup now offers System Administration and Cyber Cloud curriculums. Codeup and Stephen have a shared passion for empowering life change and making a difference in the tech field. Learn more about the new Codeup COO, Stephen Noteboom, below!

Stephen is a proud New Jersey transplant turned Texan. An IT executive, he has nearly 25 years of business/technology leadership experience and a passion for building and impacting change.  He began his career as a consultant with Accenture helping clients like New York Office of Children and Family Services, US Postal Service, and Corning. 

He has spent the past 15 years in San Antonio building and scaling technology services organizations. Stephen held several technology and business leadership roles with HEB, where he worked for 8 years.  For 10 years, he led the development of a professional services organization at Mobius Partners, a local IT reseller and solution provider. He subsequently led Customer Success and Operations at Quickpath helping its customers leverage data/analytics to impact change. He has hired Codeup graduates along the way and knows firsthand the value they contribute to a company’s success and growth! 

Stephen is a life-long learner and attributes his success to the training, mentorship, and experience generously offered by others throughout his career. He earned a BA in Economics from Bucknell University (Go Bison) and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em).  Stephen is a Leadership San Antonio Class of XXIV graduate and has served as a board member for the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Transplants for Children, and Bexar County SWMBE advisory committee.

As the new Codeup COO, Stephen Noteboom will oversee the scale and growth of Codeup while ensuring it continues to live out its mission and core values. He’ll use his decades of experience building strategies, engagement, and teams to ensure Codeup delivers for its employees, students, and partners as it pursues its goal to be THE technology career accelerator in Texas.

We can’t wait to grow and change even more lives with Stephen on board. We are thrilled to officially welcome him to the team! 

Welcome, Stephen!

Want to join a company operated by such an experienced executive? Click here to join Codeup as a staff member, here to apply to Codeup and change your life, or here to become an employer partner, as Stephen was, to hire our excellent talent.

Codeup Acquires Rackspace Cloud Academy!

Codeup Acquires Rackspace Cloud Academy

We are thrilled to officially announce Codeup’s acquisition of Rackspace Cloud Academy! 

What was Rackspace Cloud Academy?

Rackspace Cloud Academy provided bootcamp-style technical training in network administration and cybersecurity skills. It has been operated by Rackspace since 2013, reaching nearly 1,000 students in order to elevate the workforce of South Texas. The 13-week programs include System Administration and Cyber Cloud curriculums. It is now fully owned by Codeup!

What does this mean for you?

We will now offer the Rackspace Cloud Academy programs at Codeup alongside our 22-week Data Science and Full-Stack Web Development programs! This means more than double the career options for you and more tech talent for our employer partners. With a more robust menu of programs, we’re confident that Codeup will be the go-to place for anyone interested in launching a tech career, not just developers and data scientists. We now have more variety in price range, program duration, skill sets, and long-term career goals.

“This acquisition presents great, new opportunities for our company and also the students and professionals who we will be able to serve. Codeup will now have a larger footprint of campuses and classrooms across Texas, adding 80 percent more classrooms. Additionally, we will further diversify our product offerings by price point, subject, and entrance requirements, allowing Codeup to find the right path for even more applicants.” –  Jason Straughan, Codeup CEO

The Premier Career Accelerator

With a commitment to your outcome (a successful job in your career of choice), you will still get the highest quality curriculum and instruction, and the same unparalleled time and attention from our staff. Codeup continues to be the Premier Career Accelerator in Texas, and the best place to enter a career in technology. 

The Talent Pool

Similarly, this acquisition connects us with even more employer partners that need the talent we are creating. Employers everywhere engage our Partnerships team to recruit pre-vetted candidates hand-picked for them with a 2-week salary refund guarantee. With a talent pool of many skillsets, Web Development, Data Science, System Administration, and Cybersecurity, we’ll be the first place hiring managers turn to when hiring tech talent. Employers can start working with our Partnerships team by emailing

Our mission is to empower life change while solving the tech talent shortage in the Texas community. We’re excited to welcome the team at Rackspace Cloud Academy under the Codeup wing and accomplish this mission together on an even larger scale. Together as one, we will have a great impact on San Antonio, the state of Texas, the tech industry, and the local economy. If you’re interested in launching a career in tech, let’s talk! Give us a call at 210-802-7289 or send us an email at Ready to apply? Click here to apply now!

Meet our new VP of Delivery, Marty Sixkiller!

Marty Sixkiller

Marty Sixkiller will be joining Codeup as the Vice President of Delivery to lead our instructional staff, program staff, and students. Codeup is a career accelerator where students transform into Full Stack Web Developers and Data Scientists. It was formed in November 2013 with a mission of empowering life change while solving meaningful problems that bring the tech community together. Learn more about Marty’s experience with program development, empowerment, and leadership below!

Marty comes to Codeup having served as Director of Engineering Engagement with H-E-B Digital. There, he focused his passion and energy on creating leadership and educational opportunities that allow others to build their technical and soft skills. He also managed community outreach and engagement opportunities, such as code jams and hack-a-thons, with local educational, non-profit, and diversity organizations. He is incredibly passionate about helping others discover their talents and setting up a course for success to make a positive impact in the lives of others.   

Prior to serving as Director of Engineering Engagement, he was the Director of the San Antonio Development Center (SADC), an internal organization at H-E-B. It served as a talent source of software engineers and primarily focused on helping entry-level college graduates build a career as a software engineer at H-E-B through an accelerated development program. While running the SADC, he recruited several graduates that were hired at H-E-B and has appeared at Codeup over the years, providing curriculum feedback as well as appearing as a guest speaker.

Prior to joining H-E-B, Marty served as a Senior User Experience Manager at Rackspace for 2.5 years. He managed an engineering team responsible for several public-facing websites that allowed Rackspace customers to find assistance through self-service products. He was a part of a team that introduced ‘lean startup’ and agile principles to engineering groups to help influence the delivery of solid engineering solutions and experiences. 

Prior to joining Rackspace, he spent 24 years in the animation industry as a self-taught animator, with 17 of those years in the feature animation industry at DreamWorks Animation. Throughout his tenure, he served in various individual contributor and leadership roles from effects animator, technical director, pipeline engineer, and R&D Supervisor. He has over 20 feature-length animation film credits to his name, including the Academy Award-winning ‘Shrek’. While at DreamWorks, he discovered his passion for education, business process automation, and creating exceptional user experiences in the tools that he and his team developed for the production teams. 

Marty has been married to his wife, Joan, for over 18 years. He also has a son, Cole (17), who will be graduating high school this May, and a daughter, Chloe (14), who is a high school freshman. Marty enjoys flying drones, digital photography, anything creative, and scuba diving. He is very excited about joining us here at Codeup and becoming a part of the team that is changing lives all across Texas, one tech career at a time. Welcome, Marty!

Start a New Career with VET TEC!


Are you a veteran looking for your next career? We’re excited to announce that you can now use VET TEC to fund your career change with Codeup! The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has renewed VET TEC funding, which will allow more veterans to launch a career in tech. Haven’t heard of VET TEC? Not sure if you’re eligible? Keep reading!


What is VET TEC?

VET TEC, which stands for Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses, is a program through the VA that matches career accelerators like Codeup with veterans looking to gain high-tech skills. Programs like Codeup will help you build the skills you need to become, for example, a Web Developer or Data Scientist, while the VA helps you to pay for the tuition.


Who is eligible to use VET TEC?

To qualify for VET TEC, you must:

  1. Not be on active duty
  2. Qualify for VA Education Assistance under the GI Bill
  3. Have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement

Can’t use VET TEC? Not to worry! We also accept other VA benefits including VR&E Vocational Rehab and Chapter 33 GI Bill. Our grant partners also love helping veterans.


How Codeup can help

Based in Military City but available remotely across Texas, Codeup is proud to support our veterans. We have helped hundreds of veterans become Data Scientists and Software Developers. Using your VA benefits and VET TEC, you can start your next career in just under 6 months with our full-time, fully immersive programs. Unlike many other coding bootcamps, we don’t just teach you the skills and call it a day. We will help you actually get a job in your new career of choice. Get hired within 6 months of graduating, or get your money back. 

Always wanted to be a coder? Interested in bringing ideas to life through apps and websites? Learn more about our Full-Stack Web Development program here.
Love analyzing things? Enjoy math? Worked in intelligence? You might love using data to tell stories and make business decisions. Learn about our Data Science program here.


When can you start?

Take a look at our upcoming classes below. Keep in mind, these are subject to change, so contact our admissions team ( for the latest admissions information!

Web Development (2021)

April 12th
May 24th
August 9th
October 4th
November 1st
December 6th

Data Science (2021)

June 14th
October 4th


Quick Tip About VET TEC

If you do plan to use it, make sure to go through our admissions process as quickly as possible. VET TEC funding runs out fast, so your enrollment needs to be certified before funding runs out. 


Ready to get started using VET TEC at Codeup? Apply now! Make sure to let us know you plan to use VET TEC so we can help expedite your application! Come find out why Codeup is the best option for veterans looking to start a career in tech.

How to Hire for the Long Haul; We’ve Got Your Back

How to Hire for the Long Haul

We’re preaching to the choir to say that recruiting, hiring, and training employees costs companies a lot of time, energy, and money. Similarly, losing existing employees causes incalculable losses on institutional knowledge and team morale. Given that 71% of recent college grads leave their first job within their first year, modern employers face a crisis of confidence in hiring employees who are ready to commit. Fortunately, you can hire for the long haul with Codeup candidates that are ready to commit to growing in your company.

22 Months

The average tenure of Codeup graduates in their first job is 22 months (2014-2019), almost double the norm for college grads. That means that for every Codeup grad you hire and employ, you would have to hire and employ TWO college graduates, resulting in more than double your HR costs.


53% of Codeup graduates hired after graduation are STILL employed at their first company. That means for more than half of your hires, you could hire an employee who sticks with you indefinitely. 


Between 2014-2021, 90% of Codeup graduates hired after graduation are still employed in their fields of study. More broadly, most people change jobs 12 times throughout their career. You could hire someone who’s about to make 3 more career hops, or you could hire someone who is 9 times out of 10 landing in their final career change.

Employers face a shifting workforce with shorter tenure, more job hopping, and less company loyalty, all of which add up to increased costs and decreased performance. Why do Codeup grads differ so drastically?

  • With an average age of 29 and 5-10 years of work experience, our grads have explored, failed, succeeded, experimented, and lived. They’ve made an intentional and committed choice to pursue this field, informed by experience.
  • They’re career transitioners, which means they are looking to settle down. With families, houses, and previous careers, our grads aren’t looking to experiment; they’re looking to settle. They’re #marriagematerial, ready to make a commitment to one employer where they can grow and learn.
  • They are well equipped as professionals, not just technologists, to succeed in their roles. Bringing their military, management, and other experiences to bear, they are ready to rise through the ranks into positions like CTO, Lead Developer, and Senior Developer.

Save recruitment costs, increase employee tenure, and hire employees who want to join you for the long haul.

Curious how to get started?

  1. Email us at so we can set up an introductory call.
  2. We’ll use that call to handpick candidates for you. If you’d like to start screening for yourself, head to
  3. We’ll facilitate and schedule interviews for you. If unsatisfied, we’ll use your feedback to find an even more tailored fit!
  4. You test run your hire. if it doesn’t work out within the first 2 weeks, we’ll refund their salary.

Ready to hire for the long haul? Email us now at!

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

Know Who You're Hiring

Hiring developers is always a lottery – it’s just a question of what kind of odds you play with. Until we perfect cloning (which I hear our Data Science side of the house is working on…), you will always face the variability and risk of bringing on new talent. Fortunately, when you know who you’re hiring, you can improve your odds and further mitigate that risk. We can help!


Know Your Codeup Candidate

When you hire from Codeup, you know who you’re hiring. Is it a Senior Developer with experience in CI/CD and streaming over web sockets? Nope. But you are consistently getting a developer who has 670+ hours of full-stack development experience, pair programming skills, learning agility, professionalism, and grit. Every time. Will it always be a perfect fit? No. Even when counting cards, there are no absolutes, but you can still play a much smarter hand. 

On top of those baseline qualifications, you are sourcing candidates from a pool of hungry and motivated developers, in which your future CTO or Lead Developer might be floating. Our grads stay with their first company for an average of 24 months.  In an industry where roughly a 1 year tenure is the norm, that’s twice as long as most! They have been through life’s ups and downs, and they’re looking for a place to make a difference.

Let’s meet a few rockstar alums to show you who you might be hiring:

    • Brian had never worked outside the service industry before Codeup. After graduation, he was hired as a Software Developer at a cutting-edge company. In just a few months, he got a $10,000 raise and was promoted to Lead Developer. Since then, he himself has hired multiple Codeup grads to work on his team. All within less than a year of becoming a developer.
    • Nicole was interning in the political arena before Codeup. When she graduated, she was hired to help start a company’s data science department. She introduced them to programming with the tools she used at Codeup. A little over a year later, the company has tripled in size.
    • Joseph was a frozen yogurt store manager before Codeup. He joined Grok Interactive after graduation, where he became a Senior Developer within 2 years. Two years after that, he became the CEO of the company. Now, he is not only the CEO of Grok, but the CTO of another technology company called Dura Software. All within 6 years.

Maybe you’re hiring your next lead, senior, or chief engineer! True, you might be hiring someone who doesn’t fit your culture or pace or tech stack or any other number of reasons employees don’t fit. You will always face risk, you know that and we know that. But when it doesn’t work out, we give you your money back. We boast an industry-first Salary Refund Guarantee: let go of a Codeup graduate within two weeks of hiring them and we will reimburse 100% of their payroll. 

With a best-case scenario of your next CEO and a worst case of a cash refund, are you ready to buy in? Get to know who you’re hiring at If you would like to be matched with candidates (for free), email and we’ll schedule a call. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Hiring Diverse Talent with Codeup

Hiring Diverse Talent with Codeup

Hiring qualified software developers is hard. Hiring a team of qualified developers that don’t all have the same resume and demographics is even harder. For hiring managers looking to grow their teams with diverse talent, we can help.

What does it mean?

Diversity in employment isn’t only a simplistic comparison of race and gender. Those are, of course, critical demographics to focus on when leveling the playing field, but they are only two. People often forget about other variables like age, educational background, military service, physical ability, and work history. Hiring diverse talent means more than splitting your team 50/50 and calling it a day; it means introducing and empowering as many divergent identities, experiences, and perspectives as possible.

What does it look like?

Take a minute to reflect on your own team. How many non-male individuals are there? How many non-white and non-male individuals work on your team? Do you work alongside any military veterans? Have you interviewed any LGBTQIA, alternative education, or disabled individuals? When you expand your definition and begin to think about the intersectionality of identity, building a diverse team gets a lot more complicated than hiring out of a CS program.

We don’t have the perfect solution – nobody does. But one of Codeup’s core values is to Cultivate Inclusive Growth, and we are committed to learning every day how we can empower life change for diverse populations. We’ve seen that building diverse teams starts with building diverse candidate pipelines.

Come to Codeup to hire people like:

    • Lance, a Marine veteran with 12+ years in the service industry


    • Sukari, a former hair stylist and mother


    • Abby, a 10+ year educator turned developer


Whatever your barrier to hiring diverse talent, we can help. Meet our most recent developers at or reach out to us at You’ll have a new developer or data scientist in no time!