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If you’re not satisfied at your current job,  you can become a software developer or data scientist without even leaving your house. Over the course of 22 weeks of fully-immersive, virtual learning, you’ll work on tons of projects throughout a curriculum crafted by our employer partners to get the skills you need. Then, we’ll help you actually land a job so that you can earn a comfortable salary in a fulfilling career.


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Who are our students?

We train students of all ages and educational backgrounds. While the majority already have a degree, very few (less than 10%)  come from technical backgrounds.


Average age of students: 29 (Web Development) 35 (Data Science)

The last time I used computers was in the 80s or 90s | Boris

After serving 25 years in the military and law enforcement, Boris knew it was time to launch a new career in web development, which he considered before he even joined the military. Codeup challenged and encouraged him to use the skills he had learned from serving in the United States Army to think on his feet and approach problems in different ways while learning how to code.