Bootcamp Living Expenses? Codeup’s Got You Covered.

Ready to apply to Codeup? Fill out our online application! It takes 5 min. to complete, there’s no coding experience required, and we help cover your bootcamp living expenses. Codeup now helps with your bootcamp living expenses. You’re ready to increase your earning potential. You’re ready to kickstart a fulfilling career as a software developer. But your rent and car payments are keeping you … Read More

6 Tips For Picking The Best Coding Bootcamp

Having a tough time choosing the best coding bootcamp for you? Not sure whether the bootcamp you’ve just been admitted to is legit? Well, you’re in luck! As Codeup‘s admissions director, I speak to dozens of current and prospective students everyday. I’m here to help cut through the noise and share feedback from those students, and help you on your path to picking … Read More

Open for (bitcoin) business

At Codeup, we guide students through 16 weeks of rigorous curriculum and equip them with a comprehensive understanding of software development. We designed our program to challenge students in a number of areas, but financing is not one of them. That’s why we offer various financial options, enabling students to pay for Codeup with the funding plan that works best … Read More

A Guide to Hiring Fresh Technical Talent

We’ve watched many employers learn how to hire fresh tech talent since we started Codeup in 2013. Now that many of our grads have 18+ months of work experience, we spoke to employers to determine best practices for hiring Codeup grads. We saw some common themes that can help other employers. Here’s what they said. Classical tech interviewing techniques (“Solve … Read More

Don’t worry – Here’s the best bootcamp funding options!

At Codeup we work to fully service your coding learning experience from the first day you connect with us, until well into your new career. As we see it, our students are courageously jumping into an intensely immersive experience.  We want to give you the tools you need to swim fearlessly, while learning really valuable skills. One tool we find many of … Read More

The little week that could. And did.

In case you didn’t know, last week was kind of a big deal. A five-day marathon termed “Startup Week” coursed through our city, leaving a slew of entrepreneurs, students, developers and dreamers inspired in its wake. The jam-packed celebration featured over 55 speakers and 68 free events, and ended up drawing in more than 270 attendees! Not too shabby, San … Read More

The results are in…Codeup Growsup was a smashing success!

ALERT. ALERT. We’ve been feeling all warm-and-fuzzy ever since last Friday, and it won’t stop! Why is this happening?! Hmm. Oh, yeah…Codeup Growsup was last week! We had the privilege of celebrating our new space with 130 of our nearest and dearest friends. Red carpets were strut upon, glamour shots were taken, libations were consumed, hors d’oeuvres we’re devoured, and … Read More

Codeup helps Rails Girls help women learn to code in San Antonio

This moment in history is exploding with stories about women breaking new ground in technology, summits of female tech leaders, and invitations for women to learn new technology skills so that IT teams and development shops can benefit from gender parity. Organizations like Rails Girls are fueling the fire by providing women and girls with the tools and community they … Read More

Filling up fast! With good reason.

There must be a growing realization that it’s a great idea to make a career transition with the help of a bootcamp. It’s a smart way to make a real change. More and more people are coming to us everyday wanting to learn about the difference between front-end and back-end programming skills, and how they can learn them. At Codeup … Read More

Codeup and LaunchCode Partner to Help Grads Launch Careers in Coding

Codeup, meet LaunchCode. LaunchCode, meet Codeup. That’s right…we have a new partner! Codeup has recently joined forces with LaunchCode, a St. Louis-based nonprofit that uses an apprenticeship model to place motivated programmers (i.e. Codeup grads) within a vast network of potential employers. LaunchCode’s employer partner network spans over 300 companies nationwide, ranging from smaller startups to big-name companies like MasterCard, … Read More