Finding the Perfect Coding Bootcamp Fit for Me

By Marcella Munter I looked at Codeup for 2 years before I finally made the decision to apply. As a requirement for my Math degree, I took an Intro to Java class. I enjoyed it so much and was tempted to switch majors. However, I was a semester away from graduation and decided not to. Coding was still something I … Read More

Codeup Student Check In: Month 3

Codeup welcomed the Wrangell cohort on July 23. With the start of this cohort, we launched a new blog series: the Codeup Student Check In. We’ll interview a student over the course of the 4.5 months to see how things are progressing from first impressions all the way to graduation. Thus, welcome to the Codeup Student Check In: Month 3! … Read More

From Styling Hair to Stying Interfaces

By Sukari Schutzman I grew up loving technology. I still remember thinking that my grandmothers’ flip phone in 1995 was the coolest thing I had ever seen. As a child, I took all my electronic toys apart, because I was curious what was inside. So you can say, I always yearned for a career in tech. My name is Sukari … Read More

From Cooking Steaks To Cooking Code

by Alexander Bous Growing up It would be an understatement to say that the bar of expectations were set high as the youngest of 4 to immigrant parents, who were also mechanical engineers. Eldest: Entrepreneur with several successful businesses; Second: Contract Law Lawyer; Third: Doctor of Neonatal Genetics; Fourth (Me): cooked since I was 15. Although the decision to make … Read More

Data Science Myths

By Dimitri Antoniou and Maggie Giust Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, NLP, Neural Networks…these buzzwords have rapidly spread into mainstream use over the last few years. Unfortunately, definitions are varied and sources of truth are limited. Data Scientists are in fact not magical unicorn wizards who can snap their fingers and turn a business around! Today, we’ll take a … Read More

Don’t Be Scared of Coding

  When I first started as a developer I ran into some scary scenarios. My code was very error prone and I created some functions that I was expecting a string as the output but I got an object. It was very frustrating and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to understand software development let alone have to … Read More

Where Do Data Scientists Come From?

By Dimitri Antinou Over the last few blog posts, we’ve answered a lot of questions around Data Science: What is it? What’s the difference from data analytics? Which type of program is right for me? If you’re interested in becoming a data scientist, you might be wondering how other people got into the field. Given how new the profession is, … Read More

Data Science VS Data Analytics: What’s The Difference?

By Dimitri Antoniou A week ago, Codeup launched our immersive Data Science career accelerator! With our first class kicking off in February and only 25 seats available, we’ve been answering a lot of questions from prospective students. One in particular has come up so many times we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. What is the difference between … Read More

Debugging with Codey the Rubber Duck

By Jennifer Walker I first encountered rubber duck debugging while attending Codeup. Each student had a duck at their seat on the first day of our 18 ½ week advanced full stack web development boot camp. The expression of each duck varied, but they all stared quietly and blankly at us as we took in our surroundings with excitement and … Read More

From the Service Industry to Software Development

By Randi Mays For many teenagers, the path to self-reliance starts in one of two places: a restaurant or retail store. Until it’s time to begin a professional career, you’re working that part-time job stocking shelves, helping irate customers with expired coupons or prepping for the dinner rush. I’d venture to say I’m one of the very few who was … Read More