10 Tips to Crush It at the SA Tech Job Fair

Tech Job Fair

SA Tech Job Fair The third bi-annual San Antonio Tech Job Fair is just around the corner. Over 25 companies will be at The Jack Guenther Pavilion on April 10th, and they are hungry for new tech team members! At the job fair, companies want to quickly source a list of new talent leads. AKA they need to find qualified employees … Read More

5 Hiring Trends in Software Development

Companies (and ideal candidates) care about solving problems for the end user. Hiring needs in the tech industry – specifically on software development teams – evolve almost as quickly as the technologies themselves. One year employers are trying to get their hands on Ruby developers, and 12 months later, a new JavaScript framework is all the buzz. This doesn’t make … Read More

What Makes a Successful Software Developer?

4 questions to ask yourself when considering a career as a Software Developer. Written by Dimitri Antoniou Software developers build the programs, games, and apps that run on your computer, cell-phone, tablet, video-game system or e-reader. A software developer can be front-end, back-end or full-stack. Successful software developers come from diverse backgrounds and a variety of industries. Here at Codeup, … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Stefanie Young and Lorne Barfield

Stefanie Young and Lorne Barfield are both Codeup grads and the co-founders of Innov8 Place, a website development company. Here, they share their highs, their lows, their experience and their best tips for succeeding during and after the program. Please give a little introduction about yourself. Stefanie: I’m originally from California. I grew up in the Silicon Valley before the … Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Mary-Kaitlin (MK) Warren

From being an Assistant Manager at Entreprise Rent-A-Car to becoming a stellar programmer, MK shares her path that led her to where she is now—a student in the Microsoft LEAP program. Can you describe your career story and how you got to where you are right now? Random. My senior year of high school, I started watching Bones and first … Read More

Competitor Bootcamps Are Closing. Is the model in danger?

Is the programming bootcamp model in danger? In recent news, DevBootcamp and The Iron Yard announced that they are closing their doors. This is big news. DevBootcamp was the first programming bootcamp model and The Iron Yard is a national player with 15 campuses across the U.S. In both cases, the companies cited an unsustainable business model. Does that mean … Read More

Codeup Doubles Down on Transparency in Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes and the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting With pride and excitement, we’d like to announce that Codeup is an official founding member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). Codeup and all CIRR member institutions have agreed to a detailed set of student outcomes standards that eliminates unreliable graduation rates, ambiguous definitions of employment, and misleading exclusions … Read More

The Codeup Commitment to Your Financial Well-Being

We’ve all seen the infomercials. Schools like ITT Tech and Career Point College have been peddling expensive, low-ROI degree programs for years. Students take out a loan to cover costs, only to discover that the school’s career services department doesn’t measure up. They graduate with few job prospects and lots of debt. Recently, regulators have shut down those schools because … Read More

ITT Tech Closes, New Model of Education Rises

A New Model of Education ITT Tech’s recent closure highlights the time barriers, financial risk, and poor career prospects that are finally catching up with the traditional for-profit education industry. So what can students do instead? Forbes Magazine ranked San Antonio as the American city with the 15th highest rate of job growth in 2015 – no surprise given our … Read More

Codeup’s Impact on the San Antonio Tech Community

How Codeup Supports the San Antonio Tech Community After joining Codeup in early 2016, I quickly realized what sets us apart from other coding bootcamps: community. Codeup leads community development by sponsoring free learn-to-code workshops, monthly coding challenges, regular developer meetups, and closely partnering with many local companies around tech centered events.  We also hosted the Big Data Code-a-thon, a … Read More