Skills Fund: Financing to Fuel Your Codeup Future

Picture this: You’re making a change. You’ve made a life-changing decision to attend Codeup in order to switch up your career or jumpstart your skills. You’re on your way to a transformed life – with just one barrier in the way: paying for your Codeup tuition and cost of living. Codeup is focused on two things: you and your success. … Read More

The Message Behind Our Billboards

You may have seen Codeup’s billboards around town featuring recent career transitioners. We’ve featured former law students, baristas, hair stylists, military veterans, and more. We’ve recently heard that the advertising has offended people from those professions, so we want to explain our message more clearly. Codeup’s mission is to help individuals in transition change their futures by providing a fast … Read More

What is Data Science?

By Dimitri Antoniou Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century,” Glass Door ranked it the #1 Best Job in America, and LinkedIn placed it in the top 10 most in-demand skills. But to many people outside of tech, the term data science doesn’t mean much. Welcome to Codeup Data Science, teaching you the truth … Read More

Women in Tech Scholarship Recipient: Amy

By Amy Yanaway One thing that I can proudly say after this whole Codeup process is that I survived (and thrived) as an independent woman, although not without serious help from others!  This is my opportunity to thank those who have helped, including Codeup for generously offering me their Women in Tech Scholarship. Before Codeup, I was working full-time in … Read More

Anxious About the Job Fair

By Sophia Kurihara I hope you’ve got your resumes ready, because Codeup’s bi-annual Tech Job Fair is coming back this Fall! For most people, this is an exciting event, full of opportunity and new beginnings. While for some, the words “Job Fair” provoke anxiety and a deep-seated fear of proper handshaking. (via GIPHY) To help a few of you entry-level … Read More

Codeup Student Check In: Month 1

Codeup welcomed our newest cohort, the Wrangell cohort, on July 23. With the start of this cohort, we are launching a new blog series: the Codeup Student Check In. We’ll interview a student over the course of the 4.5 months to see how things are progressing from first impressions all the way to graduation. Thus, welcome to the Codeup Student … Read More

Announcing Our New Scholarship – Minorities in Tech Scholarship

The Minorities in Tech Scholarship

We have exciting news! Today launches our latest scholarship available for students – the Minorities in Tech Scholarship! There are startling statistics about minorities in the tech industry. While we aren’t located in Silicon Valley, we want to continue fostering and cultivating inclusive growth in not just the tech industry, but San Antonio as well. This scholarship joins our continuously growing … Read More

Fresh Out of Codeup: Cayden Simler

Fresh Out of Codeup: Cayden Simler Digiboost recruits unprecedented talent from Codeup By Mark A. Alvarez II There is so much more than meets the eye when meeting Cayden Simler, Digiboost’s newest developer. The Codeup graduate has set a new standard at Digiboost, by not only meeting expectations but exceeding them with his passion for technological innovation. From humble beginnings … Read More

Top Trends and Tools for Recruiters in the Tech Industry

By Taylor McKinney Recruiting new talent is never an easy task. But within the tech industry, it’s even more tricky—you want candidates with sharp skills and competitive experience, but also those who can make room to grow and adapt to new changes. The methods you use to recruit will directly influence who you attract, so you’ll need to get innovative … Read More

All About the Alamo Colleges Partnership!

In April, it was announced that we are partnering with Alamo Colleges District to bring our students grants! Have you seen the spotlights on the news? We’re really, really excited about what this means for our students. Thanks to the Department of Labor, our students, if eligible, may receive up to $3,500 to apply towards tuition or living-related expenses. Here … Read More