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Meet the creators of Better Reads:

Better Reads is a social media application where users can keep track of books in their bookshelves, leave book reviews on books they’ve read, and create or join book club communities. Technologies implemented in this full-stack application include Spring Boot for the main application, the Thymeleaf templating engine for HTML views, jQuery for Javascript utility, and MySQL for back-end storage. Book data is accessed using Fetch API calls to the Google Books and New York Times’ Books APIs, while email functionality is reliant on the Mailgun email API.

Meet the creators of SquareCubed:

Squarecubed offers 3D-model creators a platform to connect and share their files. This full-stack Java application uses the Three.js library to render models in the browser. It was also built using Bootstrap, Spring Boot, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, reCAPTCHA, Mailjet API, and Filestack API.

Meet the creators of ChowNow:

ChowNow is a full-stack Java application, built on the Spring Boot framework, implementing OAuth 2.0, AWS S3, and the Spoonacular API. It seeks to create a community of users who can easily find and save recipes based on the ingredients in their virtual pantries. Users may also share original recipes and follow their favorite user-chefs. In addition to the technologies mentioned, ChowNow incorporates CSS and Bootstrap styling, Thymeleaf form-model binding, and includes Javascript and JQuery.

Meet the creators of Yum Rando:

Yum-Rando is a game-changing web application built to answer the age-old question: “what’s for dinner?” Built using geolocation data from the Zomato restaurant API, Yum-Rando can suggest a randomized restaurant that is near your location. You are also able to build a list using local storage to randomize through for a more tailored suggestion. If you chose to become a registered user, you will have the ability to further customize your experience with the ability to make and save lists, review restaurants, add photos through the Filestack API, and share your experience with your friends.

Meet the creators of Sidecar:

Sidecar is a full-stack Java application intended to serve as a central location for motorcyclists to view popular rides, points of interest, and local events. As a registered user, riders have the ability to post their own routes, favorite stops, and events, as well as comment on other users’ content. This application was made possible through Springboot, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, JQuery, Json, MySql, Git, and the APIs for Google Maps platform and Filestack.

Meet the creators of Master of Music:

Master of Music is an MVC application built using Spring Framework. It consists of four different trivia games (Music Trivia, Unscramble, Music Theory, and Lyric Master), created with Java and jQuery, for participants to test their music knowledge. Users are able to interact with others in an open forum and are ranked against players based on scores saved in a MySQL database. CSS and BootStrap are used to create a visually stimulating gameplay experience.

Meet the creators of Baking Buddy:

Baking Buddy is a full-stack application that allows the at-home baker to go beyond the neighborhood, making connections with other bakers and potential clientele via online messaging, order requests, and inventory management. Baking Buddy was implemented with Spring Boot, Spring Boot Security, Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap, along with the File Stack API and Mailgun Services/API.

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