What if you could hire on a trial run with a money-back guarantee?

Now you can! Jr. Java Devs cost $60-80,000/year. Try out Texas talent for $50k.

Hire Software Developers with the Codeup Apprenticeship Program

You don’t need to break the bank to find developers for your startup. Codeup is a Texas-based bootcamp that trains Full-Stack Web Developers with a focus on Java. What’s more – you can hire our developers on a trial run through the Codeup Apprenticeship Program (CAP).

No Fees & Money Back Guarantee

We’re not a recruitment company, just a career accelerator finding work opportunities for our grads, so we never charge recruitment or placement fees. Through CAP, you can bring one of our devs onto your team as an apprentice. If you end up terminating them in the first two weeks, we’ll reimburse 100% of the payroll costs. With a guarantee like this, you can be certain you’re getting a developer we believe in. And the truth is, we believe in all of our developers.

The Bootcamp

  • San Antonio’s Premier Coding Bootcamp with students from all across Texas
  • 100% Tuition Refund Policy – we stand by our product 100%
  • Professional Development Curriculum
  • 670+ Classroom hours with live instruction
  • Only GI Bill® approved programming bootcamp in San Antonio

The Talent

  • Diverse candidate: 30% veteran, 25% women, 50% minorities
  • Over 700 in-network alumni
  • Full-stack project experience with enterprise technology
  • Eager to launch a career in technology
  • Remote ready – experience working, learning, and collaborating remotely
  • Far more affordable than San Francisco devs

Codeup Apprenticeship Program Details

These are the nitty-gritty details you’ll need as you consider whether or not to make this no-risk investment. This would stand for the duration of your contract, and from there you can hire your new dev as a full-time employee, maintain contractor status, or determine it’s not a fit.


Of Candidates are Pre-screened For You


Devs Hand-Picked For You To Interview




Hours Per Week


Per Hour Per Web Developer


Contractor Status


of Pay Goes Directly to the Apprentice


Day Recommended Contract

(But convert to FTE anytime!)


If you’re ready to get in contact with our student placement team, please fill out this contact form. We will be in touch ASAP to learn more about each other’s companies so we can pick the best devs for you.