Women’s Scholarship Recipient: Stephanie Riera

Aug 14, 2018 | Alumni Stories

Women’s Scholarship Recipient: Stephanie Riera

Congratulations to Stephanie Riera! She will be the recipient of the first women’s scholarship for our November Bootcamp. Stephanie will be getting 50% off of tuition.

I would not have the opportunity to learn programming in such a short amount of time if it were not for this scholarship opportunity. Now I have the means to start a new career with a renewed set of skills that are currently in demand. Becoming a programmer means I can take on any cool project or perhaps a business idea and see it come to fruition. It also means I can embed my creativity in the process, which is awesome, because I’m a stickler for details.

Way to go, Stephanie – we’re pumped to have you in our upcoming class, and we can’t wait to see you in the Codeup classroom!