From Styling Hair to Stying Interfaces

Nov 7, 2018 | Alumni Stories, Behind the Billboards

By Sukari Schutzman

I grew up loving technology. I still remember thinking that my grandmothers’ flip phone in 1995 was the coolest thing I had ever seen. As a child, I took all my electronic toys apart, because I was curious what was inside. So you can say, I always yearned for a career in tech.

My name is Sukari Schutzman. I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m always laughing, and trying to share positive energy, but most importantly I am a software developer.

When I got my cosmetology license, I was passionate about doing hair. I wanted to learn how to be better, and how to perfect my craft. In many ways, I see a lot of parallels in cosmetology, and in software development. Drawing those parallels kept me strong in the program and reminded me to never give up. I remembered when I was in cosmetology school, or when I was in the salon and I was stuck on something, I always asked for help. In software development and at Codeup, the same rings true.

I had always driven by the billboards on I-10 on my way into San Antonio and was ALWAYS confused. “Software Developer? Why is ‘Retail Manager’ crossed out? What is that?”, I always wondered. But I always continued to drive on and thought nothing of it when I reached my destination.

I decided development was for me and wanted to transition into it and learn how to code, as I had been exposed to it for a while. I knew self-study would not work for me. I needed to be in a classroom and knew I needed to be in front of an instructor. But most importantly, I needed a job ASAP because I needed to support myself and my child.

When I arrived at Codeup and went on the tour I was amazed. I knew this would be the place for me, and it was going to be where I knew my life would change. I was going to be walking out of one door and into another. And I wasn’t going to look back.

When I found out that I had got in, I was so happy that my hard work paid off and I knew it was just the beginning of what was to come. I looked forward to the start date and marked it on my calendar. I also quit my job, which was much needed because salon life was stressful enough, let alone learning a new skill.

The next few months were filled with triumphs and failures, which is normal in any career. No one is born good at everything, it takes practice and determination (I totally had to repeat that to myself every single day at Codeup. Thanks Ryan!). Sometimes it felt like two steps back, but I was determined to make it to Demo Day and present my Capstone.

With the help of Codeup staff, I felt set up to succeed at Demo Day. But most of all, I felt prepared for my new career.

Demo Day finally came! Our project got the most compliments on the visual interface, which I worked hard on, and helped us stand out amongst our classmates. I had a few interviews set up for within a week after Demo Day and landed my first job. At this point, I was in awe. Everything I worked hard for had finally came to fruition. And most of all, I didn’t have to work weekends unless I wanted to.

There’s nothing wrong with being a hairstylist, absolutely not! However, it just wasn’t for me anymore. Thanks to Codeup, my life is so different now.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.