How I Became a Software Developer with Codeup

Jan 17, 2020 | Alumni Stories

We spoke with one of our talented Alumni, Alex Ahrens, who just recently graduated with our Ceres web development cohort. Alex shed some light on his Codeup and coding experience, and we’re sharing his story in hopes that it helps others take one step closer to landing the career of their dreams. 

Let’s start with you introducing yourself; where are you from, and what was your background before Codeup?

“My name is Alex, I’m not from San Antonio but have lived here on and off for most of my life. I have had a lot of random odd jobs before going to Codeup, everything from customer service, to logging, to a cruise ship deckhand, to bartender.”

What made you interested in coding? And what made you decide to pull the trigger and look for ways to make it your career?

“I was in Military Intelligence in the Army, and when I transitioned out, I decided to stay in intel and went to UTSA to get a CS degree to be in Cyber Security.”

How did you end up coming to Codeup?

“I was bottlenecked in my degree plan (required to take a few prerequisite classes before I could proceed with my degree) at UTSA and decided that I didn’t want to spend another three semesters trying to get passed those classes. Codeup cut that time significantly for a very similar outcome at a cheaper price, so that’s what I chose.”

What has your experience been like here?

“Very challenging, but rewarding as well. My classmates were always there for each other when we needed help and generally went out of our way to help. That along with the enormous amount of knowledge made it a difficult but enjoyable experience.”

What would you tell people considering a career in software development?

“Practice. Without consistent practice, it is beyond difficult to learn and just as hard to retain. Keep programming even when you don’t need to. Learning doesn’t stop when class is over or when you’re graduated. You have to constantly stick with it.” 


  Alex Ahrens is a software developer in San Antonio, TX. 


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