Admissions Process

Codeup’s selective admissions process is designed to make sure that our program is right for you and that you are right for our program. That way, we set up all our students for success! Once you apply, you'll work directly with our admissions team through the steps below.

1 – Apply

Submit a brief online application to begin the admissions process! Be prepared to provide demographic information and answer the question: "Why Codeup?" We want to get to know you and your motivation!

2 – Interview

Speak with an admissions representative to ask all your questions, and answer: why do you want to attend Codeup and become a developer? You'll later interview with our VP of Student Experience to make sure our program is the right fit for you.

3 – Test

Testing begins with our Problem Solving Challenge - a 40 minute test covering word problems, logic problems, and basic algebra. Afterwards, we have two follow up exercises we often ask students to complete.

4 – Enroll

Submit your $1,000 enrollment deposit to reserve your seat, and work with our team to set up tuition, computer, parking, and all the rest you will need for class!

* This timeline is the standard process at Codeup. Individual’s Admission Processes may vary.

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Available Class Dates

September 17 (2018) – February 6 (2019)
Full-Stack Web Development – Java

Xanadu Cohort

November 5 (2018) – April 5 (2019)
Full-Stack Web Development – Java

Yosemite Cohort

*For 2019 cohort start dates, please contact us via our contact form or at



We look for three things in our students: professionalism, motivation, and problem-solving ability. Our most successful students are prepared to jump into careers as developers, have a true and strong motivation to become developers, and enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems.

Timing Matters

Timing can make or break your Codeup experience. Make sure that this is the right program for you, at the right time. Attending Codeup amidst financial instability, personal upheaval, or large time commitments can unrail even the most determined student. If you have any questions about what a good balance looks like, give us a call!

  • Be 18+ or have a high school diploma/GED
  • Have legal residence in the US for the duration of the program
  • Be able to commit a minimum of 40 hours/week to Codeup

Securing Your Seat

Securing your seat at Codeup begins with our admissions process. Work with our team to make sure the program is a good fit for you! Then continue on to your enrollment.

You can reserve your seat by submitting a $1,000 enrollment deposit. This payment goes towards your tuition, and is refundable should something prevent you from joining class.

Admissions experience

Contact Admissions

Our admissions team is always happy to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line, shoot us an email, or fill out this contact form.
We’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

  • 210.802.7289
  • 600 Navarro St. #350