Codeup Launches a Houston Bootcamp!

Codeup is now in Houston! We've been approved for our third location in Texas.

Houston, we have a problem: there aren’t enough software developers! After 6 years of helping adults transition into tech careers in San Antonio, and 1 year of operating in Dallas, it’s time to launch our Houston bootcamp. What better place to expand to than Houston, the largest city in Texas, and one of the top five largest cities in the country?


Why Houston?

In Houston, the demand for tech talent is high, the population is vast and diverse, and Texas still has the 10th largest economy in the world. With a commitment to placing our graduates in real tech jobs, we go where the demand is and where our employer partnerships lead. 


What does this mean now that classes are remote?

Launching a new campus during this pandemic won’t change much from the student perspective. Just like before, people from all across Texas can enroll in our programs, and classes will continue to be remote until it is safe to open our campuses. However, with a physical presence in Houston, we will be able to better expand our employer partnerships and build our network so our Houston bootcamp students can get the best experience possible!


What are my career options?

You can become a software developer after 22 weeks in our virtual Full-Stack Web Development program. Classes are conducted live via Zoom along with your classmates. Interested in building custom applications? Learn more about how to bring your ideas to life with Codeup here.

While we won’t officially be launching our Houston bootcamp with a Data Science program, people all across Texas still have the rare opportunity to attend the Data Science program that’s based out of San Antonio, since that is also virtual. Take advantage of this while you can- virtual classes are only a limited time offering! Interested in using data to deliver actionable insights and make informed decisions? Learn more about launching a career in data science here.

Watch out, Houston! Now you’ll be launching rockets and careers! We’re very excited to now be operating in three cities, and equally excited that anyone across Texas can take advantage of it! Want to see what we’re all about? Attend one of our free virtual events!

What are the Math and Stats Principles You Need for Data Science?

Is there math in data science? Read our blog to learn how much math you need!

Coming into our Data Science program, you will need to know some math and stats. However, many of our applicants actually learn in the application process – you don’t need to be an expert before applying! Data science is a very accessible field to anyone dedicated to learning new skills, and we can work with any applicant to help them learn what they need to know. But what “skills” do we mean, exactly? Just what exactly are the data science math and stats principles you need to know?

What are the main math principles you need to know to get into Codeup’s Data Science program?


Do you know PEMDAS and can you solve for x? You will need to be or become comfortable with the following: 

  • Variables (x, y, n, etc.)
  • Formulas, functions, and variable manipulations (e.g. x^2 = x + 6, solve for x).
  • Order of evaluation: PEMDAS: parentheses, exponents, then multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction
  • Commutativity where a + b = b + a
  • Associativity where a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c
  • Adding and subtracting matrices
  • A conceptual understanding of exponential growth/decay- things can increase at an increasing rate

Descriptive Statistics

Know what a min, max, mode, median, and average are. Have a conceptual understanding that stats/probability is about trying to quantify uncertainty.

Data Visualization

Know what a scatterplot is and how to read a barplot.

How to Learn and Expand on These Concepts

There are a number of great resources out there to teach you these and similar concepts. Khan Academy is a great starting place for data science math! If you want to know what exactly we assign our applicants, you’ll just have to apply!


What about once you’re in Codeup?

What You Won’t Do

Do we do any mathematical proofs for concepts or perform derivations? No. 

Do we do any calculus and probability calculating by hand? No.

Are we transforming equations, where we cancel out units or terms and do lots of algebraic gymnastics? No

What You Will Do

Will we have Python solve our linear algebra problems for us? Yes

Will we have Python calculate probabilities, the area under a curve, and the slope of a line for us? Yes

Will we have Python do all of the calculus for us? Yes


See, the data science math and stats slice of the pie is certainly doable. If you like problem-solving and are ready to challenge yourself, you’ll love data science! If you are interested in learning about data science, just apply! Our Admissions Manager can work with you to get you where you need to be starting from where you are now. Let us help you get there so you can launch a great new career.

How Codeup Alumni Helped Dallas Youth Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 Data Challenge powered by Codeup alumni Rex Sutton, Ry Sutton, and Ron Palencia

Three of our Web Development alumni from Dallas, Rex Sutton, Ry Sutton, and Ronnel Palencia, worked with the Dallas Office of Innovation to build and deploy a full-stack application for its COVID-19 Data Challenge! To check out this beautiful project, click here. In July 2020, Rex, Ry, and Ron were part of the first class to graduate from Codeup’s Dallas campus. This application, to fight COVID-19, went live in mid September 2020, and the challenge ended in October 2020.

The COVID-19 Data Challenge is a competition for students in grades 6 through 12 to use their analytical and/or coding skills using real COVID data sets. The students attempt to deliver real insights into how COVID is impacting local youth in Dallas.

“This partnership between the City of Dallas, Dallas County, DISD and other organizations invites students to join the international role that data is playing to fight back against the novel coronavirus Covid-19. By participating in the challenge, students will be able to better understand the virus themselves and share their learnings with their peers to build awareness.” – Office of Innovation, Dallas, TX

Using web development skills to get kids involved in data? What an admirable project by our alumni! There are many Data Challenges, Datathons, and Hackathons happening all the time, with many different themes, for many different audiences! If you’re interested in competing in one, Google it to see what interests you! If you’d one day like to create the platform for one, apply for our Web Development program here!

How We’re Celebrating World Mental Health Day From Home 

Learn how Codeup is celebrating World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is on October 10th. All of us at Codeup have been working remotely and finding ways to care for ourselves during this transition. We’re pretty excited to celebrate World Mental Health Day, and think you should be, too! However you choose to celebrate, make sure it’s something that relieves your stress and anxiety, not adds to it. (AKA, Don’t read the book you hate or force yourself to do your least favorite workout.) Here are some recommendations from Codeup team members.


Finding Support Online

Need counseling services? is the way to go! 

Going through a breakup? There’s an app for that! Use the Mend app and!

Too much going on in the world? Try staying off social media for the day.

Want to see if you like meditation? Check out this video to just jump right in.


Maintaining Mental Health through Physical Health (Pick One)

Eat a salad.

Cook your favorite dish to eat.

Cook your favorite dish to make,

Go on a hike.

Take a walk.

Take one of your daily activities outside, like reading, eating lunch, or meditating.

Start a timed diet challenge, like the Whole 30


Practicing “Play” as Adults

Ask yourself ‘what brought me joy as a child?’ and spend more time doing that as an adult. 

Re-read your favorite science fiction book.

Sing to a karaoke machine or karaoke videos.

Create dance routines to old bops.

Color. (Just grab a blank sheet of paper, an old set of crayons, and draw whatever comes to mind- just like when you were a kid!)

You don’t need us to remind you that mental health is critical right now. World Mental Health Day is just the excuse you need to take a breather, get support, go outside, eat well, play, and celebrate your progress. So which activity will it be? We recommend picking something from each of the above sections! In the words of Shia La Beauf and Nike “just do it.”


just do it! celebrate world mental health day

What to Expect at Codeup

Wondering what to expect at Codeup? Let's explore life before, during, and after Codeup

Setting Expectations for Life Before, During, and After Codeup

Have you been wondering about whether or not you can keep your current job during Codeup, or if Codeup classes will let you work around certain hours of certain days, or if you really have to apply so far in advance? We get questions like this all the time from prospective students. To make sure you’re successful in your career transition, let’s first set up some expectations about what you can expect before, during, and after Codeup. What is it like to experience life at a coding bootcamp?


Before Codeup


Do the Prework

The number one, most important, most helpful advice we can give is: do the prework! Give yourself a month to carefully understand and complete the prework we assign when you’re accepted, which was made to help you practice active learning and problem-solving. You’ll soon find that programming is all about practice and getting that muscle memory, like learning to play an instrument. You will thank yourself if you finish it, and risk falling behind if you don’t.

Apply Early

In order to complete the prework, you’ll need to apply early. Why? Take the start date you are considering, and subtract a month. You’ll need to be accepted by that date in order to finish the prework. The multi-step application process can take several weeks to over a month. Combining the prework timeframe plus the application timeframe means you should apply seven weeks before your start date. This will also give you enough time to secure grant funding, if applicable, as that also takes about a month to be processed. You can learn more about our application process here

During Codeup


Understand Your New Schedule

Codeup classes are full-time, immersive experiences. As a Codeup student, these are the times you will need to be in class:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm*^
  • *Early release every Monday OR Tuesday: 9am-4pm
  • ^Half-day every Wednesday: 9am-12:30pm


Classes are being conducted daily via live Zoom calls with instructors and other classmates. Optional office hours are held before and after class for additional help. You should plan to spend 20-25 additional hours per week practicing what you learned in class. You should also arrive at your workstation with coffee in tow 30 minutes before class starts so that you can map out your schedule for the day, and review what questions you have going into lecture. Combining office hours, planning, and practicing, you can expect to be occupied from 8am to 7 or 8pm almost daily.


Limit Outside Distractions As Much As Possible

Now that you know your new schedule, you can probably see that you won’t have time for much else. Just for a few months, you’ll have to do the bare minimum outside of Codeup. 

You will need to quit your job. Before joining Codeup, try to save enough money to pay your bills for 6 months. We strongly suggest you avoid working outside of class, as this typically results in poor classroom performance, and we really want you to do well. If you have to work, calculate the bare minimum you need to earn each week in order to get by. Then, spread out your workload to do a little bit here and there throughout the week rather than full days on the weekends, because you do need rest days! The best options are flexible jobs where you’re in charge of your own schedule, such as food delivery, rideshare, dog walking, babysitting, etc. This is not the time to take an overnight shift at your current job or start your own business.

You may need to downgrade your living situation to save up. Some students have sold their houses to make this investment possible. Some have moved in with in-laws to save on bills. Some have had to find roommates. Do whatever you can, within reason, to not have to work during Codeup!

You won’t be able to adopt puppies, but you can get a fish, try raising plants, or look at pictures of puppies until you can get the real thing after you graduate! The last option is great because you’ll have a reward to work towards, but you have to earn it!

Outside classes are also a no-go, but you can watch YouTube videos and documentaries on a new subject you’re interested in. 

Family and friends may not get to see you as much, but every weekend you can tell them all about what you’re learning and appreciate the time together that much more!

Remember, it’s only 6 months of complete dedication to changing your life at a coding bootamp, and then you’ll be thanking yourself for the sacrifices you made!

Take Notes the Right Way 

Gone are the days of copying lecture notes word-for-word. (Did that ever work, anyway?) Since you’ll have an online curriculum to read through and refer back to, write notes on what you don’t understand during reading, practice, or lecture. It’s good to track what exactly doesn’t make sense and what you’ve tried that didn’t work so you can ask more targeted questions, whether to peers, Google, or instructors. This way, you’re building yourself a roadmap to follow when you return to your studies each day.

Study = Practice

Learning how to code is like learning an instrument. Practice, practice, practice. You can do all the reading you want, watch all the video tutorials, and still not know how to code if you don’t actually code. There’s no cramming for exams, no writing research papers. It’s continuous learning and adding to your arsenal through a few additional hours of study/practice every day.


In order to make the most of your experience, build on skills, and help yourself for the job search in the long run, you’ll be encouraged to attend meetups, join community Slack channels, and try to meet others in the industry to build your support network, so you have plenty of people to ask for help. You don’t have to go through this alone!


After Codeup


Git Push Everyday 

While this sounds totally foreign right now, it will become a daily mantra! Every Codeup student will make an account on a website called GitHub. On a daily basis, we’ll expect you to “commit” code, which means to make a revision to a code file, and then “push” that revision, which, in this case, means to transfer it from your computer to GitHub so that others can keep track of how often you’re coding. This is important to keep up after graduating Codeup to keep your coding skills fresh, and so that potential employers can see that you’re actively working on your craft.

Keep Learning

Every day between graduation and the start of your job, you should become more valuable and skilled, not less polished and more rusty. The learning never stops, especially not in tech, and especially not in data science! What’s all the rage one year may be out of date the next, and it’s your responsibility to stay on top of the latest technology, programming languages, and practices.

Your Job Search is Your New Full-Time Job

We have a whole team dedicated to helping students get jobs! Our placement team will assist you even after graduating. You’ll spend time every day on either finding new listings, touching up your resume and LinkedIn, applying, or interviewing…and that’s in addition to coding every day. You gotta put in the work to find work. Do be prepared to get rejected sometimes, but trust the process. It’s much better to face these mass unemployment rates with a whole team working to get you hired rather than on your own.

In summary, you get out what you put in. Our most successful students finished their pre work and made significant life sacrifices to stay focused and committed to the program. Others that weren’t ready, willing, or able to make the changes they needed were unfortunately not able to finish. However, those that do continue to reap the rewards! If you would like to hear more about life at a coding bootcamp like Codeup, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 210 – 802 – 7289 to talk to a member of our admissions team today!