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Codeup’s Data Science Career Accelerator is Here!

Data Science description and diagram | Code Tech Bootcamp

The rumors are true! The time has arrived. Codeup has officially opened applications to our new Data Science career accelerator, with only 25 seats available! This immersive program is one of a kind in San Antonio, and will help you land a job in Glassdoor’s #1 Best Job in America.

Data Science is a method of providing actionable intelligence from data. The data revolution has hit San Antonio, resulting in an explosion in Data Scientist positions across companies like USAA, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and HEB. We’ve even seen UTSA invest $70 M for a Cybersecurity Center and School of Data Science. We built a program to specifically meet the growing demands of this industry.

Our program will be 18 weeks long, full-time, hands-on, and project-based. Our curriculum development and instruction is led by Senior Data Scientist, Maggie Giust, who has worked at HEB, Capital Group, and Rackspace, along with input from dozens of practitioners and hiring partners. Students will work with real data sets, realistic problems, and the entire data science pipeline from collection to deployment. They will receive professional development training in resume writing, interviewing, and continuing education to prepare for a smooth transition to the workforce.

We focus on applied data science for immediate impact and ROI in a business, which is how we can back it all up with a 6 month tuition refund guarantee – just like our existing Web Dev program. We’re focusing on Data Science with Python, SQL, and ML, covered in 14 modules: 1) Fundamentals; 2) Applied statistics; 3) SQL; 4) Python; 5) Supervised machine learning – regression; 6) Supervised machine learning – classification; 7) Unsupervised machine learning – clustering; 8) Time series analysis; 9) Anomaly detection; 10) Natural language processing; 11) Distributed machine learning; 12) Advanced topics (deep learning, NoSQL, cloud deployment, etc.); 13) Storytelling with data; and 14) Domain expertise development.

Applications are now open for Codeup’s first Data Science cohort, which will start class on February 4, 2019. Hurry – there are only 25 seats available! To further our mission of cultivating inclusive growth, scholarships will be available to women, minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, veterans, first responders, and people relocating to San Antonio.

If you want to learn about joining our program or hiring our graduates, email!

Which Program is Right for Me?

Data Science and Web Developer Venn Diagram | Code Tech Bootcamp

To Web Develop or to Data Science?
That is the question.

With our recent program launch, Codeup now offers two technical career tracks: “Full Stack Web Development – Java” and “Data Science.” If you’re a prospective student, you might be wondering which program is right for you! First, we recommend understanding what data science is and what full-stack web development is. Second, ask yourself the following three questions:


One key difference between our programs is the prerequisite background knowledge. Our web development program doesn’t have any required skills! Some students enter with no tech experience, and others enter with a lot. Having programming experience is always a plus, but not a must. However, Data Science relies on experience in math, statistics, and basic programming for all incoming students. You’ll need concepts like working with matrices, writing Python functions, and solving systems of equations. That means that you either need coursework in those subjects, self-teaching experience, or on the job training.

Your answer to this question isn’t a simple yes/no, but it should help you determine the ramp-up period to one of our programs and which one fits you better now. If you don’t have any math or programming background, web development may be a better fit. If you have a Math or CS degree, data science may be.


Do numbers get you hyped up? Do you love or hate excel? Do you really like programming? Do massive data sets feel intimidating or exciting? Do you enjoy statistics and math? Do you like being visually creative? Do you want to build web applications? Do you want to focus just on technical work or mix technical and business work?

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it should kickstart your thinking to explore your intrinsic interest in the content of our programs. Try to understand what each profession does day-to-day, and then ask yourself: which gets me more excited? And make sure your answer is brutally honest! Our programs have the same structures, and both career paths are in demand with great opportunity. You’re in great shape either way, but you’ll be much happier with the content that makes you happy.


When you graduate from Codeup, we’ll help you land your first job. From the Web Development program, that likely means a job as a software developer, web developer, or programmer. From the Data Science program, that likely means a job as a data scientist, data engineer, or machine learning engineer. But that’s just the first job! As you move through your tech career, you’ll discover new interests and opportunities, like the following.

Web Development: web developer (alternative titles: web designer, UI/UX designer, front-end developer, front-end engineer, full-stack developer, software developer), programming, quality assurance technician, technical sales, product/project manager, etc.

Data Science: data scientist, analysts of all kinds (data, business, risk, fraud, marketing, web, competitive), customer intelligence, business intelligence, data engineer, dashboard/data visualization developer, machine learning engineer, etc.


You now know what data science and full-stack web development are. You have compared your background skills with our program prerequisites. You have thought about what content gets you more excited! And lastly, you’ve considered what future opportunities you’ll want to open for yourself.

Did you decide which program is a better fit? Awesome, congrats! You can apply here and begin your journey to a career you love!

Still not sure? Let us help! Codeup’s mission is to help you launch your career, and or staff is dedicated to helping you find your fit.

From a Recent College Grad to Software Developer

student success stories | Coding Tech Bootcamp San Antonio

student success stories | Coding Tech Bootcamp San Antonio


I take pride in my bachelor’s degree. Starting my computing career at Trinity University has proven to be extremely important; all the hours spent on algorithm design, data structures, logic are all essential in what I’m doing now. However, it is not an uncommon idea that what colleges teach can sometimes be at an offset to industry demands. I experienced this significant gap between employer expectations and my computing skill-set post college, and with the I-need-a-job-to-get-experience-to-work-for-a-job-that-requires-experience catch that most college graduates experience the first few years of leaving academia, I found myself struggling to find employment. The first year of leaving my university was a humbling yet soul-crushing experience. Why is it that I’ve pursued a degree directly related to such a hungry market for software developers, but I am unable to find a job? Among what seemed like an endless stream of interviews in which I partook, I began to notice a trend – I lacked full stack development experience with relevant programming languages that are currently in demand. Turns out, having the theoretical knowledge isn’t enough for most employers in the market. The industry of software development has evolved throughout the years of its existence, and with its evolution came new programming languages that better suit the needs of its users and the customers it will eventually serve. Ultimately, logical thinking did not trump most self-taught HTML, CSS, Javascript developers that fill the market with highly innovative ideas and projects.

As a Trinity graduate who still lived in San Antonio after graduating, I learned more about Codeup from peers who contributed to the curriculum and program’s growth. Some of my classmates in my department also attended the program and found great opportunities within the industry upon graduating the program. At first, I was skeptical of the value Codeup could bring to someone like me who already had experience in programming, albeit in languages that weren’t exactly in demand. But, being unemployed and discouraged for seemingly an eternity, I decided to give it a go.

The program was an introduction to programming, which is very different from my experience in college. Since I was verbose in the structure and characteristics of software development, it was easily digestible. The curriculum consisted of introductions to different programming languages, and most importantly, showed me how everything pieced together to form working and aesthetically pleasing products that definitely had the potential to be client facing projects that serve the public. It was an eye-opening experience for me: seeing and experiencing web development with relevant technologies like MVC, ES6, and the Spring Framework. As most of the course material were quickly grasped by my existing mode of thinking, I spent most of my time on the assignments, perfecting them and pushing myself to create difficult effects or programs. The instructors were all extremely helpful and understanding of my background, and were even nice enough to provide me with bonus assignments to push what I’ve learned to its limits.

I never would have guessed that Codeup would benefit me in the way it did. Within a week of graduating, I found a job as a Salesforce Developer at a consulting company here in San Antonio. Together with the knowledge I’ve obtained from my degree, I have put everything I learned at Codeup to use: creating real products used by thousands of real users. I wouldn’t be here without the experience I had, not just with the curriculum, but with the excellent career placement staff at Codeup. As cliché as it may sound, the benefits I’ve gotten from the program that acted as supplements to my degree don’t fall far from being life-changing, and I would encourage those who have experienced the same struggles as me in this competitive market to give it a go.

5 Things Codeup Doesn’t Tell You

source code

I remember during my first day of Codeup I began to doubt my ability to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. I soon learned that what I was experiencing was “impostor syndrome.” Jason Straughan, Codeup’s CEO, introduced us to this phenomenon that same day. Thanks to his kind advice I was able to identify, and overcome my doubts. Codeup shared many valuable lessons with me, but some lessons were taught through exposure outside of the Vogue building. If you decide to enroll at Codeup, you will find yourself learning many things outside the classroom. I realized through my own journey that there are things Codeup didn’t tell me. So, I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 main things I had to learn on my own as a newly placed software developer.

You Need to be Multilingual

You need to be adaptable and willing to open your ears to all ideas. They say the best way to learn a different language is through practice. In most of our professional and non-professional lives, relationships will have an assigned lingo to properly cater to that relationship. Furthermore, professional groups and organizations like projectQUEST, H-E-B, and Codeup have their own kind of language. These languages are used to identify and recognize individuals of that group or organization. It is important to keep this in mind before you start ANY application process, or start working with new people.

Even though I did not have a college degree, I still had an interest in developing coding skills. I understood early on in my application process that I was in control of my outcome. I assumed determination contained the key to my success, and soon found myself being referred to ProjectQUEST for financial assistance.I would have never known about ProjectQUEST if the Codeup staff had not offered this vital information. The dedication and support offered by these organizations helped me through the multiple application processes. If you plan to visit projectQUEST or Workforce Solutions to inquire about their grants, make sure you’re determined to learn their language, and earn the money. If you have the right amount of determination you can find the proper channels fueling San Antonio’s STEM ecosystem through a simple Google search. Determination is one of the common denominators all Codeup graduates share, and if you too share this similarity, check out the scholarships offered by Codeup.

People want jobs, but not everyone wants to work.


Codeup’s mission statement is the following, “At Codeup, we focus on two things: you and your success. Find a job within six months of graduation, or get 50% of your tuition returned.” Let me assure you they deliver in service,  content, and in career guidance. However, the staff cannot force you to either study the curriculum or develop programming skills for you. There are people that come ready to overcome adversity, then there are the few who expect to be fed morning tacos with a silver spoon. If you’re seriously considering Codeup, you need to prepare yourself to manage the beautiful chaos of assignments, interviews, and presentations.

My high school soccer coach had a saying, “Do you think Ronaldo is going to parachute from a helicopter and score for you?” We never expected Ronaldo at our high school practices but that was our coach handing down some of his kind wisdom. He used this as a tactic to build the team up before the start of our shooting drills. Ronaldo is a world star player who plays at a professional level so what coach Ramos was really trying to say was, “Work hard if you want the goal. Don’t expect someone to come and score for you!” You need to have a sense of responsibility before embarking on your own journey and launching your career.

Have a servant’s heart.

Some lessons weren’t coming from a screen or projector and I considered these some of my favorite lessons because they spoke more about human character. A perfect example is when the Codeup staff noticed a need in our community and decided to share their passion for service with all San Antonians. The office staff volunteered to serve at the San Antonio Food Bank. This was one of the unspoken teachings Codeup shared with me – these amazing individuals create an environment where you can grow in skill and as a human being. Kudos to them!

I will iterate once again that Codeup will not force you to do something you don’t want to do. As a newly placed member of this ecosystem and a Codeup graduate I would like to ask Codeup fellows and members of the community to ponder, “How are we contributing to the San Antonio ecosystem?” Having the heart of a servant is something Codeup can’t force you to do, but is a skill necessary to achieve self growth and development.

Don’t eat the tacos!


Codeup is geared to focus on your professional life, and not your waistline. The Codeup family loves to spoil the cohorts with food, they must know the way to a developer’s heart. The morning tacos, the pizza, and snacks should be enough to lure you into the Vogue building. I loved every bite and sip of these delicious perks. However I do have to confess I gained a few pounds during my time at Codeup. I was also on a budget so the ramen noodle isle at the Walgreens became very familiar. Now that I look back I wish I only had one slice of pizza instead of my usual three.

One of the hardest parts of my Codeup journey was finding time to exercise. Taking care of myself felt impossible in this intense immersive environment, but believe me when I say “It is possible!” This was thanks to one of my colleagues, who insisted on completing daily reps of stairs up and down the Travis Park garage.I felt instant restoration after just a few days of exercise. This simple exercise routine helped me deal with stress and gave me enough time to meditate on the things that pushed me towards triumph.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

The saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” has stuck with me since I was thirteen years old, and made the dumb decision to complain about my job in front of my dad. My dad was not fond of me complaining of the man who signed my checks, so he shared a lesson behind his belligerent words. This made me realize that my ego was blocking my ability to humble myself, and that I needed to be thankful to the people that were trying to help me. His wise words taught me to stay loyal to those who become part of my upbringing.

This saying has stuck with me ever since, and I decided to mark it as a special lesson. A lesson I could only acquired through experience. I realize now the same goes with any organization or relationship that we hold, professional or non professional. We should be able to acknowledge where our loyalties stand, and if we are giving the proper amount of recognition to those who have helped us.

The Codeup staff did everything in their power to plug me into a bigger network of opportunities. Lastly, I was exposed to a network of genuinely loving, and caring people. These amazing benefits make me appreciate the Codeup program so much more. I walked in with the desire to learn computer programming. I am leaving with the ability and skills that say “I am a software developer!”

The Message Behind Our Billboards

You may have seen Codeup’s billboards around town featuring recent career transitioners. We’ve featured former law students, baristas, hair stylists, military veterans, and more. We’ve recently heard that the advertising has offended people from those professions, so we want to explain our message more clearly.

Codeup’s mission is to help individuals in transition change their futures by providing a fast and effective entry point into a tech career. We believe that everyone should have access to the new tech economy, and that you don’t need any specific background to do so.

That’s why we feature REAL graduates of our program who have started new careers from a diverse set of backgrounds. Luke used to be a soldier, Mars was a barista and bartender, John was studying law, and Sukari was a hairstylist. We’re not saying those weren’t real jobs! And we’re not saying software development is better for you. We ARE saying that each of our students chose software development for their own reasons. We highlight those stories to show that YOU, regardless of what career you have now, CAN become a software developer IF that’s what you want.

Don’t just listen to us – listen to the real students whose stories are up on those billboards!

Codeup Stylist Billboard


Sukari S. (Previously a Hair Stylist): “I discovered I really liked software development: the process, the code… I wanted to immerse myself fully into it, so I decided to go to Codeup to better myself with a new career. Codeup changed my life for the best. It made my career transition as smooth as possible, and I’m super grateful. Now I have weekends back to spend with my toddler son!”

John H. (Previously studying Law): “I was in law school simply for the reason it seemed like the next logical step for my degree. Like a lot of people trying new things, once I got into it I discovered it wasn’t for me. When I started seeing the Codeup billboards, it gave me another option for something I could do that I had never tried before. It was something that could offer me a good, solid, steady career that I hadn’t considered. By no means is a law degree bad – lots of people are lawyers and take care of themselves. It’s just that Codeup was there to offer an alternative when I needed one.”

Amy Y. (Previously an Admissions Counselor): “I went into higher education because I had so many years of personal experience going through admissions, applying for financial aid, and planning my degree plan, and I enjoyed helping others through this process as well. However, even with a Master’s degree, I was in very entry-level positions and struggled for many years to advance to higher positions. I didn’t feel like my skill set or passion was being appreciated, so a programmer friend of mine directed me to Codeup. The transition into the tech industry has been life changing, and as a programmer in my current job, I feel personally valued on a daily basis. The path for growth and advancement is clear, and I’m never looking back!”

We believe that each person should choose their own path, and degrees and diplomas don’t define you. If you’re happy in your career, that makes us happy! If you’re not happy in your career, call us, and we’ll do everything we can to help you build a better tomorrow.

Skills Fund: Financing to Fuel Your Codeup Future

Picture this: You’re making a change. You’ve made a life-changing decision to attend Codeup in order to switch up your career or jumpstart your skills. You’re on your way to a transformed life – with just one barrier in the way: paying for your Codeup tuition and cost of living.

Codeup is focused on two things: you and your success. Their curriculum is designed by experts and regional employers, the coursework is taught by the best instructors around, and they have a track record of successful graduates.

Skills Fund is focused on two things: you and your success.  Take what you’ve heard about or experienced with student loans, and throw it out the window. Whether you’ve proudly served our country and you’re ready to enter the workforce, you’re just starting your career, looking for a career switch, or upskilling, we’re providing a return on education by only partnering with bootcamps and schools that provide impactful, proveable outcomes to their students.

“Tuition is the number one concern that applicants have coming into Codeup, and having a trusted lending partner like Skills Fund to direct them to is extremely beneficial.  As an Admissions Manager, I am confident that Skills Fund is providing a great experience to our students and offering a great product to help them cover their tuition costs.”

-Mario, Codeup Admissions Manager

Codeup and Skills FundCodeup and Skills Fund

What does this mean? We’ve partnered with Codeup to provide clear-cut, fully upfront, and transparent financing for tuition and living expenses. Eligible students may borrow up to $21,500 for tuition and $6,000 for cost of living.

But – a student loan? We get it. Traditionally, loans have been confusing – and unnecessarily so. We’re on a mission to be transparent, up-front, and honest about all the terms involved with our financing. We’re the only lender that provides all details of your financing before you even apply. Students may discover their rate (interest rate + general APR) and monthly repayment amount using our loan calculator on our partnership website.

How will I repay? While you’re attending Codeup and for two months of grace afterwards, you’ll make low, interest-only payments towards your loan balance. After your grace period ends, you’ll begin full repayments. We’re betting on your future, so there should be no strings attached: you can pay your loan off at any time with no prepayment penalties.

How does it work? The simple process takes just four steps.

  1. After you’ve applied to Codeup, head to the Skills Fund partnership website to discover your terms, calculate your monthly repayment, and apply for a loan online in less than 10 minutes. Choose from a 3- or 5-year loan, and add on cost of living financing if needed.
  2. At the end of the application, we’ll let you know whether or not you’ve been approved. If you’re denied, you may be given the opportunity to add a cosigner.
  3. On the second Wednesday after your program begins, your tuition financing is sent to the school and your cost of living is sent directly to you.
  4. You’ll start making payments one month after your loan is disbursed. You’ll be provided with several options for making payments, including AutoPay.

What if I have most of my tuition covered, and only need to borrow a small amount to attend? With Skills Fund, you can borrow as little as $2,000 towards your tuition. You can calculate your monthly repayment online to understand what you would need to contribute to your financing per month.

What if I have a low credit score? Skills Fund believes in you and your future, and that is reflected in our underwriting. If you’re credit denied, you may be eligible to apply again with a cosigner.

To learn more about Skills Fund financing for Codeup, visit our partnership website or email us at CustomerTrust@Skills.Fund.


What is Data Science?

Data Science Venn Diagram | Code Tech Bootcamp

Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century,” Glass Door ranked it the #1 Best Job in America, and LinkedIn placed it in the top 10 most in-demand skills. But to many people outside of tech, the term data science doesn’t mean much. Welcome to Codeup Data Science, teaching you the truth beneath the hype. You might not know it, but you actually interact with data and the outputs of data science every day!


First of all, data science is a method of providing actionable intelligence from data using math, statistics, programming, and business expertise. Like any scientific method, it involves gathering data, identifying a problem, forming a hypothesis, and running tests. More specifically, data scientists follow a process of gathering and cleaning data (wrangling), investigation (exploratory data analysis), building automation using machine learning (feature engineering, model development, and deployment), delivering results (visualizations, reporting, storytelling), and maintenance. Practitioners typically spend 70-80% of their time in the wrangling/exploration, 20% on machine learning models, and the rest in maintenance. Most importantly, this whole process should result in a valuable action or insight for the end-user, i.e. a business or customer!


At its core, data is just information – names, dates, times, $$, etc. Data scientists work with large collections of this information to draw conclusions. For example, they might use financial data to predict the seasonality of revenue generation or use the events of applications (like logins, clicks, or downloads) to detect security threats or fraud. Data science typically deals with ‘Big Data,’ which is too large and complex to manage on a local computer (see 4 Vs of Big Data for more). People interact with and create data like this every day: using smartphones, buying houses, rating movies, and more. You can thank data scientists (and the teams supporting them) for guiding you to your favorite Netflix series and helping optimize your workouts.


There’s always more than one way to eat an oreo, and data scientists use dozens of different tools. At Codeup, data science tools include Excel, Python (programming language), SQL (databases), Hadoop (distributed data), Jupyter Notebooks (virtual notebooks for doing data science), and Tableau (visualizations). On top of that, they work with concepts from math, stats, and programming to write functions, create charts and graphs, and model patterns.


Data science isn’t magic, and it isn’t rocket science either. At Codeup, data science is a skill set just like web development. The need for this discipline across all industries in San Antonio is rapidly growing and looking for new talent. If you’re hungry to join the data revolution, reach out to us today!

Women in Tech Scholarship Recipient: Amy

Codeup exterior

One thing that I can proudly say after this whole Codeup process is that I survived (and thrived) as an independent woman, although not without serious help from others!  This is my opportunity to thank those who have helped, including Codeup for generously offering me their Women in Tech Scholarship.

Before Codeup, I was working full-time in another industry with a low salary.  I lived alone and was paying for all my rent and bills on my own, with no partner or parents for financial support.  In my field at the time, I struggled for years seeking advancement and growth opportunities from an industry that did not seem to value my skill set.

Even given that stressful mindset, the idea of forfeiting my only source of income for several months to attend Codeup was extremely scary.  To justify this, I spent a lot of time researching, including attending Codeup sponsored events, and reaching out to Codeup alumni and friends in the tech industry for their opinion.  Still, with all the encouragement in the world, my objections were:

  • Will employers hire me over a degreed Computer Science graduate?
  • Will I be a “good” coder?
  • Will I be an attractive candidate to employers, with my non-tech background?
  • How long will it take me to get hired?
  • Will this investment in Codeup be worth it?
  • Will I run out of my savings and die penniless on the mean streets of San Antonio (severe and irrational anxiety speaking here!)


Let me just go ahead and assure you that everything worked out – very well, in fact!  I made the leap of faith and decided to join the Redwood cohort. Here is my first person to thank: a male friend of mine who has been a programmer for years, who strongly encouraged me that this was a great direction for me to take to secure fulfillment and my continued independence.  I struggled to find statistics on this, but I have heard many similar stories from women about the men in their lives (friends, family, boyfriends, husbands) who work in the tech industry and encouraged them to learn to code.

On the first day of class, I counted: 6 women out of 23 total students.  Not bad! Despite the fact that these women were of different ages, marital statuses, careers, and stages of life, we all quickly bonded.  Within the first few weeks, we even planned our own Girls Night Out at a bar across the street from campus (that the guys from our cohort crashed, and I don’t think anyone was upset about that)!  We also all participated in Codeup’s weekly women’s lunches, with featured female speakers who were alumnae or from the tech industry. Throughout the entire 18 strenuous weeks, these women and I supported and checked in with each other. Luckily, everyone in our cohort did the same, no matter the gender.  Thank you for this, Redwood women and men!


To make a long story short, I was hired as a full stack developer a month before my graduation, with a decent pay bump from my previous career, and am now working in my second job in the field (yet another pay bump!) where I feel personally valued on a daily basis.  All of this, less than a year since starting Codeup!  As my final thank you, I am extremely grateful to Codeup for awarding me their Women in Tech scholarship, because it significantly reduced the loan amount I needed to attend, helped relieve a little bit of the anxiety of paying for Codeup, gave me more incentive to attend, and confirmed that I indeed was exactly what Codeup and employers were looking for in students and coders.

If you’re a woman who desires independence and self-fulfillment, Codeup is worth it!  Make sure to apply to the scholarship during your admissions process and feel free to reach out to me or other female alumnae if you want to hear more about our experiences before, during, and after Codeup.


Amy is very proud to say she is currently the only female developer employee working on Whataburger’s first ever online ordering platform. She has a Master’s degree in Music Theory and keeps that knowledge fresh by analyzing music on the radio during her daily commute. Since learning to code, what she enjoys the most is mentoring new developers.

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