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With only one location, you know we're focused exclusively on your success. The program is in-person, full-time, fast-paced and immersive! Students should be prepared for an intense and rewarding educational experience that prepares them to work as junior developers. Our dedicated staff, job-oriented full-stack curriculum, and professional development set us apart. Check out our "Program Vitals" below for more information!

The Program

Full-Stack Program Vitals

Duration: 18 weeks (4.5 months)
Schedule: 9 – 5, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
Coding hours: 603 class + 308 optional office hours
Graduating credential: Certificate of Completion
Graduate Status: Junior Software Developer
Tuition: $22,500 (see Financial Aid page for more information)
Curriculum: Full-Stack Web Development – Java

Check Out the Curriculum

Our Benefits

Codeup aims for 100% student satisfaction, as reflected by our 5 Star Reviews and positive testimonials.

We are located in the heart of San Antonio’s tech district, and are proud to work with over 100 employer partners. We collaborate closely with the Texas Workforce Commission and Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure we meet every expectation and regulation. Our reputation sets us apart. With our whole team on site, we’re dedicated to maximizing your Codeup experience.



Business Partnerships


Tuition Refund Guarantee



Heart of


Our Staff

You are not in this alone! Our team is dedicated to meeting you where you are and ensuring your success in the program. You’ll work with our whole team of 5 instructors, 3 student fellows, and 6 office members. You’ll have a guide through the three phases of admissions, classroom experience, and the job search. Moreover, you’ll spend each day with our talented instructor team as they teach you both how to program and how to learn programming.

Employer Partnerships

Codeup has cultivated an employer network of over 100 partners. To companies, we make the promise of providing access to high-quality talent. To students, we make the promise of providing access to high-quality employment opportunities. Everyone wins.

Having close relationships with employers not only provides job opportunities for our grads, but also creates an immediate feedback loop for our program to evolve and improve. When our employers asked for Java, we brought them Full-Stack Web Development-Java. We’re committed to building San Antonio’s tech community, one student and employer at a time.

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