What To Expect At A Codeup Bootcamp | Codeup

What to Expect

What is it like to participate in a Codeup program?

Learning at Codeup is based on doing and building. Expect to be coding every day, starting on day one. Overall, the program will be an intense, fast-paced adventure. Being immersed in our Full-Stack curriculum will be a serious (and seriously awesome!) process.

Your time at Codeup will be marked by the ups and downs of learning any new skill. You’ll be frustrated and you’ll make mistakes, but you’ll ultimately come out on top. With a new skill set, an impressive portfolio, and a cool final project, you’ll be ready to present to employers at Demo Day.

Our Philosophy

At Codeup, we emphasize the importance of learning-by-doing. For that reason, we mix short lectures with ample keyboard time, dedicating much of the day to building functional projects. In other words, you won’t waste a second on tedious, inapplicable tasks. Every assignment can be used to supplement your project portfolio.

When they’re not teaching a lecture, our instructors remain close by the entire day, making sure to answer questions and give individual direction as needed. They’re some of the most dedicated and patient people ever. Really, it’s pretty impressive.

You won’t be learning only from the instructors, though – you’ll be learning from fellow students, too. That’s why we do our very best to admit students who will contribute to a positive, helpful, and focused environment. On a daily basis, we encourage all of our students to collaborate, present their projects in front of peers, and give constructive feedback to one another.

Program Schedule

The Full-Stack program runs from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, with study halls from 8am-9am & 5pm-6pm on weekdays. Students who see the most success at Codeup generally show up at dozens of study halls, often putting in an additional 10-15 hours per week.

The full-day format includes an hour or so for lunch, along with several breaks – to rest the brain, grab some coffee, and chat with other students – sprinkled throughout the day.

Codeup Community

Of course, all work and no play does not a happy coder make. We crack jokes, play foosball, host movie nights, plan potlucks, and organize holiday parties (and ugly sweater contests). We stay focused when needed, but we know how to have fun, too!

Each week, we host a lunchtime speakers who are movers and shakers in San Antonio. These individuals include experienced software developers, business professionals, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. After the presentation, there’s always plenty of time for Q&A.

We’re also part of Geekdom, a dynamic collaborative workspace in downtown San Antonio. Geekdom is home to a whole bunch of tech meetups and social events, so it’s perfect for learning new things, making friends, and finding job opportunities.