Administrative Staff

Kay Jones

Kay joined Codeup in 2016, after 11 inspiring years with Rackspace. She has led many Engineering Teams, while also coaching Leaders & Employees on critical topics such as employee engagement, operational effectiveness, and career & organizational development.

Queen K

In my free time, I puzzle, cook, and travel. I have a Mini-left thumb, handler of a 25lb Siamese, and die hard Razorback fan (WOO PIG SOOIE!!)!

Phillip Hernandez

Before joining Codeup in 2016, Phillip spent 5 years at Rackspace managing projects and accounts in Support, analyzing and improving business processes in Product, and supporting Sales and Marketing in the Executive Briefing Center. At Codeup, Phillip manages classroom experience, and is passionate about ensuring each student’s success!

Darth Phil

Here’s the thing: Phillip brings his best every day, and he makes sure you know it. He is an avid BBQ pitmaster, loving father and husband, and proud San Antonian. His favorite life experience, including the birth of his daughter, was chanting the Fear of the Dark at Iron Maiden’s 2017 World Tour.

Dylan McNally

At Codeup, Dylan handles employer relations and student career development. Dylan loves live music, British TV, and travel (ask him about his trip around the world!), and he has a passion for education and building meaningful projects from the ground up. He also has a degree in political science and Hispanic studies from Rice University.

King of Jobz

After growing up in Atlanta, Dylan originally moved to Texas to attend Rice University. He has since forgotten to leave. Outside the office, you can catch him at the Yoga studio, in Houston, or listening to Spanish Top 100 Pop. He loves to travel and provide clever (his word, not ours) commentary on daily mundanity.

Dimitri Antoniou

Dimitri graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Urban Studies, and came to Codeup as a 2016 Venture for America Fellow. At Codeup, he handles Admissions and Operations, working closely with incoming students. He hopes to start his own company someday!

El Norteño

Don’t let the fancy socks and chinos fool you. This Bostonian would much rather be wearing a plain white t-shirt and jorts. When not helping prospective students, Dimitri plays office DJ, complete with tracks from musicals, classic jazz albums, and cheesy post-funk jam bands. Sometimes he even sings along. A grandpa at heart, Dimitri spends his free time cooking, playing board games, and whittling.

Yumi Jeon

Lady Yumicorn is a huge fan of watching cartoons and i travelled to Texas to pursue a marketing degree at Trinity University. After graduating from Trinity, she joined the Codeup team to put what she learned in action. Catch her drafting a new billboard ad or planning Codeup’s next event!

Lady Yumicorn

Born and raised in Orange County, Yumi “The Yumicorn” is a Californian at heart, moonlighting as a Texan. Outside of the office, she enjoys hanging with her bunny and cat and going to music festivals. Yumi's ultimate dream is to own a monster truck and feeling like a boss in traffic.

Crystal Poenisch

Crystal holds a BA in Political Science from UTSA, and continued her education at Codeup’s front-end bootcamp! She previously co-founded and consulted for Rein Consulting, working on digital marketing. At Codeup, Crystal manages Digital Marketing and Community Partnerships, and is excited about getting more women involved in tech!

Mrs. Underwood

Just a girl from the south-side of San Antonio, Crystal loves her city and her daughter. She spends her free-time photographing weddings, practicing her hand-shake and kickboxing.


Luis Montealegre

Luis has been programming professionally since earning his Master in CS from the Emeritus Autonomous University of Puebla in 2005. He specializes in PHP, Java and C#, has directed 4 theses, and published a chapter in the LNCS vol 4386. Luis enjoys being part of a development team that values work-life balance and practices TDD, pair programming and code reviews.

Papa Luis

Luis loves to spend his spare time with his wife (Meri) and his two children (Mario and Alejandro, 5 and 3 years old respectively). Things Luis enjoy the most: coffee, pizza, sushi, dark beer and science fiction movies. He's currently exploring how to better test Javascript, Ruby and Scala applications.

Ryan Orsinger

Ryan is a senior instructor at Codeup and has worked in IT and development since 2007. He comes to Codeup from a background working on small to enterprise sized applications for the web. With development, Ryan is passionate about building software that creates utility and delights users. With instruction, Ryan's goal is to instruct students "how to learn programming" as much as "how to program".

Parade Gopher

Ryan is a Trinity University graduate and San Antonio native who is into local music, cultural arts, and charity involvement. Since 2007, Ryan has volunteered for the King William Fair as the "Parade Gopher" and is recognized by Rotary International as a Paul Harris Fellow.

Fernando Mendoza

Fernando is a native of Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico. He graduated from University with a BS in Computer Systems Engineering. Before joining Codeup, Fernando worked as a Senior Web Developer at He values teaching because of its rewards of constant learning from his students and colleagues. Fernando specializes in PHP and Java.

El Fer

Fernando doesn’t have birthdays. Instead, he levels up. His sense of humor is his superpower. He really enjoys traveling around the globe and live music. He loves creating software solutions to help to solve people’s technical problems. His biggest dream is to swim in a pool full of Mexican Pozole.

Zach Gulde

Zach is a curriculum developer and instructor at Codeup. He has a background in computer science and furthered his knowledge in web development by working as a freelance web developer and building business critical infrastructure and automation systems for Codeup.

The Curriculum Guy

Zach is a lifelong computer tinkerer. Zach enjoys using code to solve puzzles, automating things with software, and playing with shiny new technologies. He also enjoys spending time with (in no particular order) his family and his guitar.

Justin Reich

Justin is a web developer and Codeup instructor. An experienced educator, prior to Codeup, Justin taught piano performance for eight years in San Antonio. In addition to learning new web technologies, Justin enjoys helping people overcome challenges encountered in the learning process.

Mr. Music

A native Texan, outside of development and teaching, Justin is a dedicated husband and stepfather, avid gamer, and music-making hobbyist. A self-professed nerd culture and food enthusiast, Justin's love for Star Wars is only matched by his voracious hunger for spicy food.