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Codeup students graduate with 600+ hours of coding experience, and a list of projects under their belts. We teach in the LAMP+J stack, but more than learning a specific programming language, Codeup grads are taught to be code-literate problem solvers who can add value to your company from day one.

Codeup students now populate tech teams at companies of all sizes and industries, including Accenture Federal Services,, ParLevel Systems, Whole Foods,, and Rackspace. For a full list of our employer partners, visit our about page. To learn more about our free Demo Day events, visit our Demo Day page.

Three reasons to hire a Codeup graduate

1) Motivated Learners, Problem Solvers, and Self-Starters

Our research and experience interacting with our students indicates that Codeup grads are consistently inquisitive and motivated learners who are hungry to help organizations solve real-world problems. We give them the technical tools do so through our 16-week immersive program.

2) Diverse Backgrounds

We pride ourselves on diversifying the tech space and would love to help your company do the same. Fifty percent of our students are minority and 30 percent are female. Additionally, our students come from all walks of life, professional backgrounds, and educational environments. We’ve had everything from lawyers, waiters, and computer warehouse managers, to realtors, engineers, and teachers attend and graduate from our program. The combination between this rich diversity and technology makes for an excellent addition to any team.

3) Team Players

Despite popular perception, programming is not a solitary activity. Our students are consistently encouraged to work in teams through pair programming and group projects. We instill a sense of team work in our graduates from day one, which carries on throughout the program and beyond.

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Our Student Success representative will work with your company to identify your specific hiring needs and connect you to the best potential candidates. We don’t charge any placement fees for our services, we’re simply interested in bridging the gap between our awesome graduates and the demand for talent at great organizations.

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