Councilman Diego Bernal and Lorenzo Gomez to speak at Codeup’s inaugural class

Councilman Diego Bernal of San Antonio District 1 and Lorenzo Gomez, executive director of the 80/20 Foundation and director of Geekdom, will be speaking to the Codeup students on day one of classes.

diego bernal

Councilman Bernal was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, before going off to Michigan to get his college and law school degrees. After graduation, he spent time getting kids out of gangs and into the workforce, which is something he continued to do when he returned to Texas. He is a civil rights activist and a strong advocate for education.

lorenzo gomezLorenzo Gomez, when asked how he got to where he is today, humbly answers, “I am three questions away from being found out as a total fraud.” However, he is nothing but genuine. He has worked for Rackspace for ten years and now serves as the executive director of the 80/20 Foundation, an organization dedicated to STEM education, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and urban development. He also serves as the director of Geekdom, a collaborative coworking space and home to Codeup.

We are honored to have both Councilman Diego Bernal and Lorenzo Gomez coming to speak to our inaugural class at Codeup.