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Program FAQ

Applying and Preparing for Codeup

Is there an admissions deadline?

We have rolling admissions, so we take qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications close when the program is full, so apply early!

Do I need to have any experience coding before starting the program?

Nope, although folks with some experience are certainly welcome. Our immersive training program is designed for people with no prior coding experience. If you are accepted, we will give you a list of online resources to study, as well as 40-60 hours of Prework that you will be expected to complete before your first day at Codeup. If you do have some coding experience, that’s great but not necessary for our program.

Do I need to have a high school degree (or GED), or college degree or be of a certain age to apply?

We have no minimum educational requirement.

Who is your ideal candidate?

Our ideal candidate is (a) motivated, (b) smart, and (c) hirable in every way, but they just need some solid programming skills to launch a successful career.

Do you offer a part-time program in the evenings or on weekends?

At this time, we only offer our Full-Stack Career Accelerator. We believe learning to code is best done in an immersive, full-time environment. Programming is challenging, and to be successful, you’ll need a brain that’s not exhausted from a long day at work. Part-time options simply aren’t as effective as our Full-Stack Career Accelerator, which asks students to turn their learning into a full-time job.

How do I know when I’m accepted?

After applying online, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview and testing. We will let you know very quickly if you are accepted. We try to be very open about this process and will share the rationale behind our admissions decisions.

Do you have temporary housing for students visiting outside of San Antonio?

Check out our page about temporary housing in San Antonio.

Do you offer programs for children or teenagers?

We do not. Our Full-Stack Career Accelerator is open to all students, ages 17+. However, we definitely encourage kids and teens to start coding ASAP! You might check out VentureLab, which provides tech and entrepreneurship camps for youth.

Do I need to have my own computer?

Yes. Students must provide their own Apple laptop running at least Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.X) and have a minimum of 4gb of RAM.

During the Program

What do my days look like?

 Visit our What to Expect page for a detailed explanation of day-to-day life at Codeup.

Can I work while doing the Full-Stack program?

It is best that you do not work during the Full-Stack program. Instruction time is from 9am-5pm daily. We have morning (8am-9am) and afternoon (5pm-6pm) study hall with instructors on-hand everyday of the week. Then, there is the homework and labs. Our job is to make you a kick-butt developer in a short period of time, so that means it is going to be intense.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

We keep the ratio of students to instructors as low as possible. Usually, each cohort of 20-25 students has 2-3 instructors plus 1-2 student fellows (like teaching assistants).

Where is the program held?

We operate at the heart of the startup ecosystem in downtown San Antonio. Come visit us at 600 Navarro St. #350, San Antonio, TX 78205.

What material does the Full-Stack program cover?

Check out our Full-Stack program syllabus for all the details.

You’re covering technology “X”. I’ve heard “Y” is all the fashion now. What gives?

This isn’t HVAC a repair. Programming is a world in constant flux. What’s used in industry today often wasn’t even invented a decade ago. What is used today will not be popular ten or even five years from now.

Instead of worrying about a particular stack, we focus on turning you into a well-rounded professional software developer. You’ll be set to go out, learn and work on whatever technology an employer throws at you.

What else will I learn?

We will talk about development approaches, good practices, and more. Our instructors (and our CEO!) have been on real-world software engineering teams, so we know our stuff. Finally, we will work with you on interview and presentation skills so you can wow potential employers.


What is the value of a Codeup education?

Short answer: a potential salary increase of $17K per year. Long answer: check out this blog post.

What is a reasonable salary for a (not-previously-in-tech) grad to expect at graduation? What percentage of graduates have been hired?

The pay for graduates has ranged from $35,000 to $70,000 plus benefits upon completion. Some have taken nonpaying internships to gain experience or started their own companies. However, what is most interesting is the prospect for pay 3 to 5 years down the road as you continue on your journey of learning how to program effectively.

100% the graduates from our first program have been hired/received offers, and all but two of them are working in technology positions. You can see the status of each individual graduate online here:

What kind of jobs do people get?

Most graduates become entry-level professional programmers with titles like Web Developer, Front-end Developer or Software Engineer. Others get tech roles such as Quality Assurance, Documentation Engineer or Support Engineer. Some graduates use their newfound knowledge to take tech-related roles like Sales Engineer or Project Manager.

What kind of companies hire graduates?

Most graduates go to work for web development consultancies or software companies. Usually, they’re working for smaller companies. A minority go on to work at larger companies in IT or in operational roles. Some start their own companies. We’ve had people go to work at Rackspace, Parlevel Systems, Labatt Foods, Whole Foods,, Accenture and others.

How do I become a partner employer?

Email us at OR complete this form. You’ll be first in line to see our graduates, and we’ll prominently display your logo on our website alongside our 70+ other partner employers.

What job placement assistance is provided to grads?

We do two things:

1) We “teach you how to fish.” We work with you on how to manage your career at a high level and also drill down on the mechanics of marketing yourself to employers. This includes things like creating resumes, building online profiles, and managing social media. The benefit of this arrangement is that you can use this information for the rest of your career.

2) We “help you find fish now.” We have dedicated staff members whose job is to find currently available job positions and to connect our graduates with potential employers. A number of companies have hired three, four, or more of our students. In addition, we have over 70 partner employers who have publicly said they’ll take a look at our graduates.

How does the guarantee affect me if I want to start my own business after the program?

Many applicants have told us they want to start their own business. If a student decides to start or operate their own business and/or do consulting, they are no longer eligible for the tuition reimbursement guarantee.

What happens after Demo Day?

Demo Day is when graduates’ job hunts begin. You’ll start working on locating employment after Demo Day while continuing with our Postwork. This is a set of challenges that you do while interviewing and applying for positions. We welcome you to come to Codeup to work on the Postwork with your fellow grads.

What will I have to show employers?

Each student will graduate with a working, well-engineered project completed. This might be writing a Twitter clone or doing the same for another well-known website. If you were sponsored by an employer, you may produce a project of value for them. We work with you to identify an appropriate capstone project.

Do I get a grade or certificate?

There are no grades or final exams. We believe (and our partner employers agree) that what matters is what people can do — not what grade, diploma, or label they have. Programming is more like architecture or design, where people come to interviews with a portfolio. Codeup is about you developing the ability to actually make stuff with code. It’s your responsibility to invest in yourself to grow those skills. We put our money where our mouth is, as we refund 1/2 of the program tuition if you do not get a job within 6 months.

Paying for Codeup

Is there a deposit?

Yes. We take a $1,000 deposit to lock in your space in the program.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Through our 3 lending partners, we offer up to 100% financing of the program tuition. Once you are accepted, we can send you the application for financing.

How can I earn a scholarship?

We offer two scholarships per program for women who are eligible. There is a lack of women in the tech industry, and we want to get as many qualified women in the programming job market as possible. If you’re a woman and would like to apply for a scholarship, visit our women’s scholarship page.

Can I use a Pell Grant or other federal aid to pay for this?

No. Pell Grants are designed for conventional educational institutions like colleges. We’re not college!

If I am a veteran, does the GI Bill Money help cover tuition?

Yes! Your GI bill can cover up to 100% of your Codeup tuition, as well as a sizable living stipend.

Am I responsible for any additional expenses?

We provide all necessary materials and access to Geekdom during the program except for a Mac laptop and parking expenses. A used MacBook can be bought for under $500.

Are there creative ways to find the money for Codeup?

Read this list of creative ideas.

Still Have Questions?

What is the next step if I’m interested to learn more?

Schedule a phone call or come downtown and check out our space in person. We like lattes. We’ll buy you one!