What The SA Tech Job Fair Says About San Antonio

Last night, Codeup co-hosted the first San Antonio Tech Job Fair at the Geekdom Event Centre. By the numbers, it was a great success: 500 RSVPs for job seekers. Biggest event ever at the Geekdom Event Centre. Dozens of employers recruiting. Names like Accenture, Codeup, Def-Logix, H-E-B, Labatt Food Service, Rackspace, USAA, and WP Engine. The great news for San … Read More

Why Choose Codeup

Prospective students sometimes ask about how we compare to other coding education models. We think choosing Codeup should be a no-brainer. Here’s why we’re widely considered one of the top coding bootcamps in the world: Track Record and Transparency: We publish our student success statistics. You can see them on our website and alumni page. We’re currently at a 93% … Read More

Use Your Texas Unemployment Benefits at Codeup

Eligible applicants can now use Texas Workforce Development funds to help pay for a bootcamp to become a professional software developer. Codeup is the first coding bootcamp in Texas to accept Workforce Improvement Act (WIA) benefits which are dedicated to helping adult and dislocated workers prepare for meaningful careers in a variety of targeted occupations. Software and web developers rank near … Read More

Announcing our First Veteran Bootcamp

If any group of people understands the bootcamp model, it’s military Veterans. In fact, using the term “bootcamp” to describe an intensive programming class might even be laughable to some Veterans, who have undergone rigorous physically and mentally-challenging bootcamps as part of training. Needless to say, Veterans understand the amount of teamwork, commitment, and perseverance required to overcome frustrating situations while learning … Read More

Check Out Our Summer Reading List

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Windcrest to Begin Campus Expansion Next Year

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Meet the Windcrest Academic Decathlon Team

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New Library Opening This Week

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Q&A with Luis Martinez, Director of Entrepreneurship at Trinity University

Dr. Luis Martinez, Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Trinity University, visited the Codeup classroom to talk to our students about entrepreneurship. Below is a Q&A from the end of his presentation. How do you differentiate between proof of concept, prototype, minimum viable product, and customer validation when coaching students? The first thing to ask is, “what’s the true … Read More

Exploring New Domains: ICANN’s gTLD Program

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a non-profit organization responsible for maintaining the global Domain Name System (DNS), is in the middle of rolling out its new gTLD program, which has the potential to reshape how users find information on the internet and how organizations build their identities online. Kevin Kopas, Channel Manager for Radix Registry, stopped by the Codeup classroom to help students better … Read More