We turn people into professional software engineers.

Our results speak for themselves. 96% of graduates from our first four programs found work in 6 months. Our students increased their yearly earning power by $15,000 in just the first year after completing Codeup.

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Codeup by The Numbers


million tech salaries created


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hiring rate (1st four classes)


students female or minority


avg earnings increase year one



Codeup is an awesome operation. The instructors are brilliant — not only regarding the subject matter, but also the manner in which they deliver the material. They're friendly, patient, and passionate about their work.
10 out of 10. I had tough expectations for the course, and Codeup exceeded every one of them. Now I'm working for a great company that I would have never been qualified for without Codeup.
Codeup has an awesome staff that is fully behind you and your success. I came to Codeup knowing absolutely zero code, and left so excited to continue learning. They not only teach you the fundamentals of coding, but connect you with people who want to hire you. 
I was in the first cohort and have nothing but positive things to say for both the curriculum and teaching staff of Codeup. It was a personally life-changing experience for me. I'd say, if you have an interest in web development and think it may be a good career choice, Codeup can help open doors for you into the industry.

John Staudt

Full-Stack Developer at PIC Business Systems

Jonathan Robinson

Full-Stack Developer at Whole Foods

Liz Cole

Full-Stack Developer at Stabilitas Ventures

Corey Kepple

Full-Stack Developer at Parlevel Systems

Codeup Bootcamp Session

Change or start your career

We developed Codeup Bootcamp for individuals looking to make a career change into software engineering, regardless of experience, education, or background.

Our immersive, in-person course is designed for maximum learning over a short period of time. Throughout 16 weeks in our classroom, you’ll learn how to build websites and web applications at a rapid pace, gaining the necessary skills to become an entry-level software engineer. Learn more about what to expect here.

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Admissions Process

  • 1. Application

    Fill out our quick application here. No commitment at all! Once we receive your
    completed app, we'll reach out to you to schedule
    the next steps.

  • 2. Interview

    This 20-minute phone interview gives us a chance to get to know you a bit better. Also, you can ask us any questions you have about
    our program.

  • 3. Tests

    You'll take two 40-minute tests: first math, then logic. We look for students with strong problem-solving skills and an eagerness to work through a challenge!

  • 4. Decision

    It's never fun to keep
    people waiting. After you complete the interview and tests, we'll update you on your acceptance status
    within 24 hours.

Where Our Grads Work

  • Bexar Creative
  • Giles Parscale
  • Rainman Creative
  • Promoter.io
  • Whole Foods
  • GROK Interactive
  • Accenture
  • SeatSmart
  • GoMedigap
  • Leadhub
  • Labatt Food Service
  • Turner Logic
  • WP Engine
  • BoldBrush
  • ParLevel
  • Rackspace